one legendary Pokémon will play a significant role in each version: Solgaleo in daylight and Lunala under the stars. Image Source: YouTube

A new generation of Pokémon games is coming to Nintendo 3DS. Newly discovered Pokémons would feature in Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Sun, along with different combat movements and new regional variants of the existing creatures.

The games take place in the Alola Region, where feared flying entities –the “Ultra Beast” – are threatening both humans and Pokémons. The mysterious “Aether Foundation” is conducting research on these powerful beings.

The player takes the role of a young Pokémon master who wants to become the strongest trainer in Alola. To do so, he must complete the “Island Challenge,” a trial that sees coaches completing a test for each of the “Trial Captains” of the four islands of the region.

After the trials end, the player must face an even greater rival: the Kahuna Masters, the final stepping stone to achieve greatness.

Meanwhile, the trainer will cross path with the Aether Foundation and the opposing “Skull Team,” an organization that makes a debut in the Pokémon kidnap business.

Sun will play out at daylight, while Moon happens at night

Some events will be different because of the 12 hours difference. Besides that, one legendary Pokémon will play a significant role in each version: Solgaleo in daylight and Lunala under the stars. They will unleash their mighty powers with their Radiant Sun and Radiant Moon phase, respectively.

Trainers in both versions can select one of the following three starters:

Litten is a fire cat who knows “Ember” at the time the coach gets him. “Ember” move attacks an opponent with a small flame. Rowlett, a grass/flying quill Pokémon, learns the move “Leafage” when he becomes the partner. The skill attacks an opponent with sharp leaves. And finally, Popplio is a sea lion who rocks the “Water Gun” move from the beginning.

The ‘Alola form’ and the ‘Z moves’

Some Pokémons will have a new Alola version that may even change its type. For example, Rattata becomes a dark/reasonable creature in the region instead of just a normal one; or Vulpix, who gains a new ice/fairy evolution, Ninetails.

Some Pokémons will also learn a finishing skill, the “Z-move.”To make it more exciting, Snorlax will finally be battle ready, after 20 years of sleep, with his own Z-move, the “Pulverizing Pankake.” But only  if it evolves from a Munchax and holds the “Snorlium Stone.”

Trainers can unleash the Z-move once per battle after the Pokémon harnesses the “Z-energy.” There is a different move for every type, so electric Pokémons like Pikachu will have the “Gigavolt Havoc,” while fire type creatures like Charizard will unleash an “Inferno Overdrive.”

Sun and Moon are adding a new battle format

The games feature the “Battle Royal”  format, where four players rumble against each other with three Pokémons each. The match will add scores for both defeated and remain Pokémons at the end of the Royale. The battle is over after the three Pokémons of a trainer have fainted.

Another new feature is the “Hyper-Training” that allows Pokémons to increase their individual strengths (IVs) beyond level 100.

Finally, Sun and Moon will launch on November 18. The games are available for pre-order with a retail price of $39.99.

Source: Pokemon