Boston Dynamics-Handle-Robot-Jumping
Handle is the latest robot from the guys at Boston Dynamics. Image: YouTube.

Boston Dynamics unveiled its latest robot on Monday with a video posted on its official YouTube account. It is a hybrid, wheeled bot called Handle that can cruise at speeds of 9 mph and jump up to 4 feet in the air.

The video caused quite an impression online after people saw what the 6.5-feet robot could do, and it went viral in a matter of hours. Roughly 24 hours after it was first published, the video is on its way to hitting the 2 million views mark.

Robots like Handle could be a common thing to see in the future, taking over human jobs that require just a little of innovation and automated technologies to outperform people in the same position.

Handle can do much more than just rolling and jumping

Boston Dynamics took a different approach when designing and building their latest robot. The organization aimed at simplified design to decrease costs, which in turn resulted in greater efficiency in unexpected areas.

Like all other projects at the Alphabet initiative, Handle is just a research robot made to see where different paths lead regarding design and architecture. For this project, engineers say the robot’s main purpose is to lift and carry things.

In the video, people can see Handle roll up to a case that weighs 100 lbs, bend down to pick it up from the floor, and then roll away again carrying like it is no big deal.

However, footage demonstrates the robot is capable of much more than that. Building upon legacy balance and articulation systems, the team at Boston Dynamics made Handle one of its most versatile creations yet concerning mobility.

With just ten motorized joints, Handle can leap four feet in the air without decreasing speed. It is also capable of maintaining balance when jumping over higher platforms or landing on lower grounds.

Its wheels give it the ability to reach 9 mph on flat surfaces and roll up and down hills and stairs. The simplicity of its design along with the promising technology inside it would make it a worthy investment and not as costly as other Boston Dynamics projects.

Alphabet is still selling Boston Dynamics

Alphabet’s robotics research and development arm are still up for sale after reports surfaced almost a year ago about the tech giant deciding to part ways with Boston Dynamics.

Investors at the firm reportedly said back then that, while the technology in development is certainly revolutionary, the robotics division is not likely to produce a marketable product that will generate returns in the foreseeable future.

Alphabet and Google already have a wide catalog of crazy projects for which there is a dedicated investment fund, but Boston Dynamics just doesn’t fit the bill. Potential acquirers allegedly include and the Toyota Research Institute.

Source: Boston Dynamics on YouTube