Mass Effect Andromeda crew members.
Mass Effect Andromeda crew members. Image: YouTube.

The critically-acclaimed Mass Effect series will try to reinvent itself with Andromeda, set for release in March of this year. Though the BioWare studio has stated that it is not an open-world game, Andromeda is not small either.

According to recent reports, MEA will have ‘meaningful’ side quests, and will also try to be a turning point for the franchise in various terms. A related comic book, called Mass Effect: Discovery, will accompany its release.

The ‘Paragon vs. Renegade’ scores will not make a comeback in this installment, a move that is already garnering the game some mixed reviews.

System requirements on PC

Andromeda’s recommended requirements, according to some sources, would be a minimum of 8GB RAM with and i5 processor. GPU should be a model such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or an equivalent.

With this hardware, users should be able to run the game with ‘high’ settings, at a speed of roughly 60 frames per second, and a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

New features enter the Mass Effect universe

Andromeda will not be an open world game, according to Michael Gamble, BioWare’s lead producer. However, it will feature extensive exploration and will not follow a single path. The studio has revealed that complex side quests are on the menu.

Crafting will be entirely optional this time and will not be crucial for the player. Also, blades will become craftable melee weapons, something that many fans wanted. Plasma guns will also be craftable when gamers encounter the Kett race.

Recent reports also revealed the player’s dialogue choices will now create tension amongst team members in-game. This change might look to make Andromeda’s experience more realistic, as players will have to try and avoid them for the sake of teamwork.

Squad members will have to complete ‘loyalty missions’ that have various objectives instead of a single goal. Subsequent tension from poor dialogue choices could lead to some of these targets to remain uncleared at the end of the mission.

BioWare also wants to provide gamers with a larger story

Other reports also noted that Andromeda would try to put the focus on the new Galaxy, its characters, and the nature of their lives. The storyline will not just have to do with the main players and will deal with survival, relationships, convenience, and opportunity.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is already available for pre-order. The Standard Edition costs $59.99, with a Deluxe variant for $70, and a Super Deluxe Edition for $100.

Source: International Business Times