Mazda RX-9 Specs, rumors, price and release date
Mazda RX-9 Specs, rumors, price and release date. Image credit: Art of Gears.

The Japanese Site ‘Holiday Auto’ says Mazda will manufacture a successor for the RX-8 in 2020. The automaker will preview the production model with a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017. The note was released on Tuesday.

Mazda has used the rotary engine in the RX series for a long time. The RX series features cars like the RX-2, RX-3, RX-4, and the most recent RX-7 and RX-8.

Mazda started using the rotary engine in lightweight sports cars in 1978. Due to the 1973 oil crisis, Mazda stopped using the rotary engines on many cars as it consumed massive amounts of gas. They are not as efficient as their piston counterparts on gas consumption.

Mazda RX-9 leaked specs 

The site also released the possible specs on the RX-9. It will use a 1.6 liter, two rotor Wankel with a single turbocharger. The vehicle will have around 400 horsepower output. It will also feature a low curb weight. The RX-9 is also said to weigh about 1,300 kilograms.

The rotary engine is Mazda’s signature. It is quite popular for its combination of great power and little weight. To put into contrast, piston engines require heavier machines to produce the same power as a rotary motor.

Modern RX series

The RX-7 lightweight sports car was introduced in 1973. It became one of Mazda’s  most iconic vehicles. The rotary engine on the RX-7 is located slightly behind the front axle, a standard position for most RX series. 

‘Car and Driver’ Magazine listed five times the RX-7 in its ‘ten best lists.’

As for the RX-8, the car became the RX-7 successor. Sadly, it was unable to meet the Euro V clean air standards which led to its discontinuation in 2012.

Mazda RX-9 estimated price 

The RX-9 will feature the traditional 2-door concept. The chassis will have smoother lines which will help the car’s aerodynamics. 

The front end presents a smile-like lower intake with sharp headlights. It is important to say the RX-9 is still in designing process so the features might change. 

The RX9 will also feature a hybrid version. The hybrid version is expected to debut in Europe. Due to the euro-zone emission requirements, the hybrid RX9 will run on a Wankel engine with a switching 800cc dual-rotor that will run on clean energy

The Holiday Auto claims the price on the new RX-9 will be 8 million Yen which is near $80,000

Source: Mazda Motors