miracle mattress 911 commercial
miracle mattress 911 commercial. Image credit: Mic.com.

Watch the three store employees losing their job on camera

San Antonio – Is there a “good way” to remember 9/11? Miracle Mattresses, a company that sells mattresses in Texas came up with a promotion themed on the tragic events that occurred that day. They called it the “Twin-Tower Sale.

The company is in the middle of the controversy because of a commercial they aired to promote their 2×1 offer. The spot shows a bunch of mattresses piled up simulating the Twin Towers. The commercial ends with two people taking down the “Twin Towers” as the narrator explains finishes explaining the deal.

The 9/11 themed ad became infamous quickly for being addressing one of the worst terrorist attacks in the US in an inappropriate way. The Miracle Mattress store saw their add deleted, but it didn’t stop it from spinning out of control on YouTube and other social media.

Several people recorded the “offensive commercial” and then, a variety of YouTubers and social media enthusiast took the time to talk about how September 11 is not a joke, and 9/11 sales are just plain offensive.

“We will never forget,” says the end of the spot as two towers of white mattresses tumble down. Incredibly, this is not an isolated case as other companies are using the 15th anniversary of the attack as an advertisement tool.

Coca-Cola ruined a Walmart’s reputation in Florida

On Tuesday, photos started to swirl in Twitter showing a doubtful tribute to 9/11. A Walmart in Florida stacked two piles of Coca-Cola Zero to simulate the Twin Towers. The arrangement was complemented with a $3.33 price tag and a “We will never forget” label.

Orlando Weekly reported the Wal-Mart was in a store in Panama City, Florida. The place took down the infamous banner after users in social media started to criticize it. They left a lonely song saying “Rollback $3.33.”

However, the idea came from Coca-Cola. According to the Walmart’s managers, they receive ideas from the soda company to sponsor their products, and they rarely disagree with them.  A Coca-Cola spokeswoman said the display was meant to honor local firefighters.

Miracle Mattress apologized and shut its doors indefinitely 

CNN reported the owner of Miracle Mattress apologized for the ad and assured the makers of the clip would be responsible for the offense. However, there might come a time where Sep. 11th indeed becomes a holiday and companies start to develop advertising gimmicks to boost their sales during the month.

It’s not so hard to picture. Memoria Day, every last Monday of May, remembers the U.S. military men and women that have fallen in combat. The official federal celebration began in 1971, and many years passed before it became a Memorial Day Weekend full of promotions

Source: CBS News