sony-to-launch-marvel-vs-capcom-4. Image: TheUSBPort.

On Monday, Polygon broke the news of a ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ title in the works with a 2017 release date. The game will feature MCU characters and that it will be revealed at this week’s Sony PlayStation Experience event.

The ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ news follows the latest theatrical release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: ‘Doctor Strange.’

Strange could be one of the many characters in the MCU to make an appearance on the next title in the fighting game series.

The report remains unconfirmed by any of the official parties involved.

Sony’s PlayStation Experience, on the other hand, is scheduled to take place this coming weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

Developers will presumably unveil ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 4’ during one the three unannounced panels at 12, 1, and 2 pm on Saturday, December 3.

‘Marvel vs. Capcom 4’ will count with MCU characters but no X-Men

The latest title of the ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ series may not feature the famous mutant fighters. The likes of Wolverine, Cyborg, and Magneto probably won’t appear in the fourth game of the saga, but MCU heroes may show up for the first time.

Inside sources told Polygon the franchise would take a significant turn to include characters from the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. To make room for the modern superheroes, Capcom has to do away with old fan favorites.

Wolverine finds out the X-Men won’t be in Marvel Vs. Capcom 4. Image: TheUSBPort.

Some of these characters comprise the roster of mutants from X-Men like Colossus, Cyclops, Deadpool, Storm, Phoenix, and others that have been prominently featured in the series since the first release in 1996.

However, the shakeup means ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 4’ fighters could include the entire Avengers lineup (most of which already appear in previous titles of the franchise), along with some other heroes like Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy figures like Groot.

The 4th game of the series could be a PS4 exclusive

The rumored reveal of ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 4’ at the Sony PlayStation Experience could mean the much-awaited game will arrive as a timed exclusive for the Japanese console.

Capcom’s license with Marvel expired nearly four years ago, which brought to a halt all updates for the last title of the series, ‘Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.’

The Polygon report came as a surprise for both fans and video game developers, since the end of the partnership between Capcom and Marvel meant the beloved fighting franchise was as good as done.

Now, some speculate Sony may have something to do with the sudden ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ return to life which would explain the exclusivity. However, it could launch on the Xbox One later on.

Stay tuned for news of Sony’s PlayStation Experience and possible confirmation of ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 4’ this next weekend.

Source: Polygon