Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 open beta kicks off on Tuesday

Gazillion Entertainment is opening up its PlayStation 4 servers to all players who want to get a taste of the action in Marvel Heroes Omega on Tuesday, May 23. The MMORPG title will launch in full for the Xbox One next June 20, but PS4 players have yet to get a release date.

The announcement comes just one month after developers announced a closed beta that has been running since. The publishing house revealed it was bringing the free-to-play Marvel Heroes 2016 to consoles earlier this April, this time under the rebranded Omega name.

The original game launched for PC and Mac back in 2013, and it has received widespread praise ever since for its extensive roster of heroes and great co-op fun. Q2 of this year is the only release date info available for PS4 gamers looking to suit up and beat some supervillains.

Do I need to sign up for Marvel Heroes Omega’s open beta?

No, the open beta for Marvel Heroes Omega on the PS4 is open, so you need only to download the game and get right into it. There are several Founder’s Packs available at the official site, which you can also purchase at the PlayStation Store.

For instant closed beta access last month, Gazillion launched six Founder’s Packs with exclusive teams of heroes to start your adventure. X-Men, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy Founder’s Packs are the most expensive, at $59.99 each in spite of the latter only including Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon.

Then, for $19.99, players could choose to go into Marvel Heroes Omega with either Deadpool or Spider-Man Founder’s Packs, which also include bonus costumes and a timed exclusive Symbiote Spider-Man costume.

PlayStation Plus members could also opt for the less expensive $16.99 War Machine Founder’s Pack, and all buyers of these early bundles would get access to Iron Fist as a timed exclusive hero.

What is Marvel Heroes Omega all about?

You might ask why so much excitement about a game with lackluster graphics and seemingly simple action. Well, it is because it keeps things simple and fun, while letting players fight bad guys with a long lineup of Marvel characters.

There is an adventure mode that pits teams of superheroes against Loki and Doctor Doom, who are in control of the Cosmic Cube and threaten to destroy the universe, of course. Over nine chapters, players can level up their characters and abilities as they prepare for the final battle.

Aside from that, there are lots and lots of extras. The game visits locations from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has items like costumes from the films and TV shows in unlockable loot crates spread around the title.

Most of your favorite superheroes are in Marvel Heroes Omega, from classics like Wolverine and Spider-Man to newcomers from the MCU like Doctor Strange and Luke Cage. Villains like Venom, Ultron, and Magneto are also playable.

Source: PlayStation Blog