Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook will bring the world together. Image: News Statesman

Mark Zuckerberg revealed Facebook’s new mission statement on Thursday at the first-ever Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago: to give the people the power to build a community and bring the world closer together.”

To help the world achieve this, the company is releasing new tools for group admins on Facebook. These instruments were designed to enhance the user engagement experience to transcend digital clicks and step into the realm of concrete, real-life actions.

Facebook has its plate full. The tech giant has been trying to handle fake news, live stream crimes, AI, and advertisement to help communities grow better.

Zuckerberg shares Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s philosophy  

In a lengthy post on his personal Facebook page, Mark Zuckerberg outlined the social network’s new mission and how it all fits with his vision for the world going forward. He emphasized these aspects later during an interview with CNN Tech.

The young CEO acknowledges that all of what makes Facebook what it is, like being a place to stay connected with your friends and family, is still as important as it was on day 1, but that now there is the obligation and the resources to do much more.

He believes people are “basically good” and that deep down everyone wants to give everyone a hand in any way they can. With this in mind, the new mission for Facebook is to get those nearly 2 billion users engaged to meet new people, build new communities, and support new causes that change the world.

Facebook is empowering Group Admins

Bringing the world closer together sounds different from “giving the people the power to share and make the world more open and connected,” but the billionaire CEO sees it as a natural progression of the same process.

And as with every natural evolution of things, it is necessary to adapt to the new. Facebook wants to do exactly this with its Groups, the core communities of its platform that will help drive the change Zuckerberg wants to make in real life.

Group Insights will be available to admins from now on, showing analytics and metrics for everything from community growth to user engagement. Admins will now also get the power to filter out membership requests, imposing more selective processes for people who want to be a part of any determined group.

For all of those bad actors that already cleared the filters and are wreaking havoc in otherwise good communities, Facebook is rolling out a removed member clean-up tool that disappears all traces of that person’s presence within a group.

Last but not least, the social network is making admins’ lives easier by granting them the ability to schedule posts, and it is also testing a group-to-group linking tool to help members make new connections and engage in new experiences that result in tangible change.

Source: Facebook