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April 22 is the date of the March for Science, a mass political demonstration taking place in Washington D.C. The March will coincide with Earth Day when people will walk to the National Mall and gather for a rally.

The idea for the protests was born in the comments section of a Reddit thread discussing the sudden disappearance of all references to climate change in government websites.

A group of people rolled with the idea of a Scientists March in D.C., and since then they have put up an official website, a crowdfunding campaign, and a social media platform that includes their subreddit.

What is the March for Science?

The March for Science is an event planned for Earth Day 2017, in which people all over the country will protest the recent policies adopted by the Trump administration to silence the scientific community.

The new President came under heavy fire just three days after taking office when gag orders were issued from the top down on the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and the Environmental Protection Agency.

While no proof linked Trump directly with the rules, third parties involved suggest the transition team may have been involved with the decision to silence American science publications and windows to the world.

These measures, jointly with the Cabinet’s views on climate change, inspired people online to take action and speak their voice in support of science-based policies and legislation.

March for Science - Earth Day - Store
March for Science – Earth Day shirt. Image: March for Science official store.

Who can participate in the March for Science?

Everyone who supports scientific research and is concerned about the future of the United States can take part in the March for Science. That includes, of course, members of the scientific community and science enthusiasts alike.

The March welcomes people from all nationalities, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, partisan views, and economic backgrounds. The official site cites diversity and wealth of opinions as their greatest strength.

How to contribute with the March for Science 

To collaborate with the March for Science, there is plenty anyone interested in the cause can do. Donations, volunteering, merchandise and awareness campaigns on social media are some of the ways in which you can help.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the main channels through which you can spread the word and follow the March to stay up to date. For further discussion, people can head to the official sub on Reddit.

To volunteer, help, organize a satellite march or receive email updates from the official organization, you can submit an application through the official website’s home page.

Also on the site, you can access the official store and donations fund online. You can donate money, but pullovers and T-shirts’ cost start at $25. All proceedings go toward the organization of the March for Science in D.C.

Source: March for Science / Official store / Donations