Apple is expected to release MacBook Pro 2016 within the next few months. According to latest reports, the much-anticipated MacBook Pro 2016 not only offers advanced and better features but also will be cheaper than the former MacBook iterations.

The latest rumor is that the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 will be released at the Apple World Developers Conference in San Fransisco in June. If true, you can expect the launch of the device anytime between June 13 and 17.

Moreover, the new MacBook will most likely ship in both 13-inch and 15-inch variants.


Commenting on the new MacBook Pro 2016, Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of World Marketing, disclosed that the company is on the right track to launch the new and improved MacBook in the thinnest structure they have ever produced. He stated that the new device is manufactured aimed at traveling professionals since they require a portable device, which is easy to carry.

Schiller also said that customers interest will surely be piqued by the new MacBook Pro, thanks to the latest processors, enhanced graphics, faster SSD storage, longer battery life, in addition to a lovely rose gold finish.



The big likely attraction of MacBook Pro 2016 is the integration of Skylake processor, which offers faster performance and reduced power consumption with less heating than the previous counterparts.

Moreover, the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to ship with an improved Retina display, offering advanced graphics technology, USB-C ports for fast-charging, a touch-friendly and sensitive keyboard, as well as Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.

There are unconfirmed reports that the new MacBook will beat dedicated graphics card from AMD and NVidia.



The new MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to feature gesture-based trackpad with improved sensitivity. Based on the new processor, the MacBook Pro 2016 most likely will not bear ventilation holes on the bottom side since the latest Intel CPUs generate less heat.

Till today, customers are hesitant to buy MacBook Pro because of its high price. In the meantime, there are a plethora of Windows laptops available substantially cheaper than Cupertino’s counterpart. However, as aforementioned, the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 will be cheaper than the previous models of the series.

At the time of writing, 13-inch MacBook Pro 2015 model with 256GB storage and 8GB RAM is priced at US$1,499.