2017 Luxury Technology Show poster
2017 Luxury Technology Show poster. Image: Dealerscope.

The 2017 Luxury Technology Show took place this week at New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion. The event was full of extravagant tech items and products, including smartphones, headphones, 3D printers, and more.

The luxury tech market is small not only for the ludicrous price tags that most of these products have but also because they appeal to the tastes of an even smaller demographic group: Filthy rich people who also happen to be interested in tech.

While most of these items are largely inaccessible to the general public, the average consumer market is also suffering some setbacks. Flagship product prices are expected to go up this year, a worrying trend for users who want to stay up to date.

1. Sirin Labs Solarin Fire – $18,000

One of the flashiest products on display at the Luxury Technology Show was the Solarin Fire, an extremely high-end Android smartphone designed and manufactured by Sirin Labs.

The flagship device is available in several variants depending on the materials used for the body, which includes titanium, ceramic, and alligator leather for the back of the phone.

Sirin Labs promises ‘military-grade’ security features on the handset, which has a switch on the back that cuts any transfer of data leaving it usable for calls and SMS only.

2. Planter Speakers – $6,000

Bedford 1500. Image: PlanterSpeakers.

Each individual Planter Speaker has a $5,995 price tag, and a full setup in your garden can cost as much as $60,000.

Planter Speakers come in different sizes and designs. They are, literally, planter pots that also act as speakers. They deliver sound at 150 watts and 89 dB, covering up to 1,000 square feet with just a pair.

These speakers have the added benefit of looking nothing like a speaker and, according to the company, producing a sound that “seems to emanate from thin air.”

3. LightStim LED Bed – $65,000

LightStim is a company dedicated to developing LED light therapy solutions, which include a fat-reducing belt and a full-on tanning bed-like contraption that radiates your body with warm, red light.

Among the many miraculous health effects, the company claims many of the benefits of the bed include facial wrinkle reduction and full-body relief of muscle pain and bone aches. Impressively, the bed seems to be certified by the Food and Drug administration for these purposes.

18,240 red LED lights make up the whole surface of the bed, and a dentist’s office like lamp sits at the top to keep your face young with the glow. Apparently, LightStim’s bed also helps with blood flow, arthritis, and it even serves as a male stimulant like Viagra.

Source: CNET