Logitech C922 price and system requirements.
Logitech's C922, a full HD 60 fps webcam. Image credit: Logitech/TheUSBPort.

Logitech’s Full HD C922 Pro Stream webcam is available starting today, featuring full HD 1080p video at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. Though it cannot be found on Amazon yet, it costs around $99 on Logitech’s website.

The C922 Pro Stream is the upgraded successor to the C920, which was released in 2012 to become today’s standard for USB HD streaming Webcam. Its biggest fanbase is the pro gaming community, which inspired Logitech to release this newer model.

The C920 is still the best option available for pro streamers who are not able to buy the most recent model. It sells on Amazon for about $68. Its resolution is very similar to the C922, but it does not include all the new features Logitech has developed for pro streamers.

What’s new in the C922?

The new C922 includes a dynamic background replacement software that allows the user to separate his image from the background and change it, in a green-screen movie special FX kind of way. This technology is similar to previous efforts like Intel’s Real Sense.

Chicago-based Personify, Inc was in charge of the background replacement software. The company is a leading developer of this technology with products like its ChromaCam software, included on the C922. It mainly focuses on gaming too, but also on immersive video-calling and video-conferences.

XSplit also collaborated with Logitech to make the C922. The company added a 3-month premium license for recording and streaming. This means the license will cover both of its signature gaming apps, Gamecaster and Broadcaster.

The marriage of these two new upgrades is what separates the new C922 from its predecessor and places it as the best option in the market for pro-gaming, pro-streaming, and virtually any recording and broadcasting task that requires a USB webcam.

Logitech C922-dimensions-specifications-system requirements
Logitech C922-dimensions-specifications-system requirements. Image credit: Logitech/TheUSBPort.

Logitech aimed its C922 webcam to the Twitch community

This new version marks Logitech’s effort to keep pushing and innovating in an industry that is seemingly dying but has found new life with social video platforms like Twitch. By engaging directly with the pro-gaming community, Logitech maintains its leadership as the leading USB webcam manufacturer.

An article released on their official website remarked this commitment and reported there were more than 2 million streamers currently using Twitch.

“With the C922 Pro Stream Webcam, we are taking game casting to the next level so you can easily broadcast your gameplay like a pro, better engage with your community, and stand out from the crowd,” said Guillaume Bourelly, Webcam, Product Manager at Logitech.

Source: Logitech