Linkedin's Open Candidates lets people job hunting discretely
Linkedin's Open Candidates lets people job hunting discretely. Image credit: Forbes.

Linkedin has recently announced the release of “Open Candidates.” This new option allows employees to hunt for other jobs without letting their current employer know. Users can also choose to let headhunters or recruiters search for their profiles.

Dan Shapero released the information on the official Linkedin Blog. He is the CEO of the platform. On his post, he explained how to use this new feature efficiently and also uploaded a short list of tips are very successful according to the statistics.

This feature is currently available in The United States, Canada, Australia and The United Kingdom, but the company will release it worldwide in just a few weeks. The service can be activated on the online platform or any smartphone.

How to start using “Open Candidates”

Users who have a profile and wish to activate Open Candidates just need to follow some easy steps. First, they have to go to the “Preferences” tab on the home page. Then, they have to activate the option “Open Candidates” located near the top.

Once it is enabled, users need to update their information about which positions they would like to apply for. The more details they provide, the more possibilities of reaching the perfect recruiter they have.

When they have finished uploading the information, it will immediately be sent to recruiters or headhunters who match the provided description. This information will be sent again on a weekly basis. The process will not appear on tue user’s account or news feed, so nobody will know they are looking for a job.

Also, if the user’s company is online, it will not receive any update. Companies associated with the current employer are going to be excluded from the list to avoid embarrassing questions.  Only those open jobs that match the profile will receive the notification of the profile.

Tips for job hunting by Linkedin’s CEO

However, Shapero also explained a bit about a couple of issues that most users share on their profiles. He said those who fix them are 45% more successful in their job hunts.

According to him, the first thing recruiters seek is the last modification date. If the owner of the profile has not updated it since last month, they automatically discard it. After that, most employers also pay attention to the social networking a person has registered at the website.

Twitter users are better at following current news and events. On the other hand, Instagram users seem to be more creative and open to work in group activities. All the details linked to an account have a significant repercussion on the recruiting processes.

Source: Linkedin Dan Shapero Tips