Liberty University Graduate Confesses To Oral Sex with Becki Falwell

An unnamed graduate of Liberty University has confessed to having oral sex with Becki Falwell, wife of former Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. The graduate said the incident happened when he slept over at the Falwell’s house since their eldest son (Trey Falwell) and he was band-mates. The incident occurred in 2008 and almost continued for several months until he contrived a way to distance himself from Becki Falwell who continued to seduce him.

The anonymous former student was 22 years old in 2008 when Becki Falwell started to seduce him and ultimately performed oral sex on him. Thereafter, the respected woman who also worked at Liberty University tried to win his affection with gifts and carried out several amorous chats with him on social media. The graduate released several screenshots of the unseemly chats Lady Falwell had with him, saying “she was the aggressor”.

In many of the chats which were shared exclusively with Politico, Becki Falwell often harped about the fact that the object of her lust beautiful hair and killer eyes. “You don’t want to cover up those killer eyes of yours and you know the bandana drives me wild…” she wrote to the then-student, and added on one occasion that he shouldn’t cut his hair because “I think that you are beautiful just like you are.”

And when it was obvious that the former student was not keen on keeping an illicit relationship with his friend’s mom and the wife of his university’s president, the woman wrote him that “maybe time will heal whatever wounds that I have caused and your Christian heart will allow you to forgive me”. And on several occasions, Becki Falwell offered to send gifts to the young man who found it awkward to be sleeping with such a highly-placed woman who made out to the whole world that she was a great religionist.

The university graduate who is now 34 said it is not easy for him to share the story of his sex escapade with Ms. Falwell given that it might create a ruckus that would shake the university and upend the values the general public had for the lady. But he said the conflict and depression he had been nursing over the affair had given him no choice but to come out with his story, given the recent admission by Jerry Falwell Jr. that his wife Becki had an affair with Giancarlo Granda, a pool attendant in Miami Beach, and the public scrutiny that had attended Mr. Falwell’s sizzling romance with Becki’s assistant.

On Tuesday, Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned from the presidency of Liberty University in return for several packages of about $10.5 million.