LG has once more innovated on its field, by creating a folding portable keyboard that can connect with up to two devices via Bluetooth. It is a cute keyboard with a convenient size and has four rows of keys that unfold segment by segment to let you type on any kind of surface. It also has a base for devices up to 10.1 inches which means that it makes it easier to use with your tablet or smartphone.

As far as the size goes, it may cannot fit into your pocket- and if in any case you have larger pockets than normal and it does, then it certainly does not look good. Though, you could easily put it in a bag, probably the one you use to carry your laptop or tablet around.

However, the keys are not as smooth as expected, since when typing, your hands will bump either on the top bar or other magnetic keys spread out on the keyboard. So long work is not advised obviously. But despite the above, the keys are at the same time perfect to use, as the Rolly has been made of black ABS plastic, something that does not apply to other similar keyboards in this category.

According to LG’s statements, the Rolly keyboard can run smoothly and with no problems for approximately three months with its AAA battery.

It is expected to circulate sometime within this month, at the price of US$119. The first areas to receive the Rolly folding mobile keyboard will be the US and then selected countries in Europe and Asia later on this year. It remains unknown whether it will become available in every country at any time.