LG (NASDAQ: LG) offers a free upgrade package to all its users of the Smart webOS 1.0 platform, which now gets improved speed and the four basic features to the webOS 2.0.

More particularly, LG’s webOS TVs that will receive this upgrade, are actually going to get the My Channels, Quick Setting, Input Picker and Live Menu features, thus making better the experience for the user and providing a much more easy to use environment, with useful shortcuts and an even faster loading and response process when it comes to multitasking.

With the My Channels feature, users can categorize their favourite Live TV channels or the Set-top Box channels on the Launcher bar, making the access to those channels even more direct. The Quick Setting feature allows the viewer to adjust his webOS TV without having to interrupt the program he is watching at the time, while with the help of Input Picker, all the devices that are connected to the TV are immediately recognized and ready for use.

The upgrade will also include some significant improvements on the User Interface of the Live Menu, which will make the user’s job a lot easier when it comes to searching content.

The webOS 1.0 TV owners who have activated the automatic updates option, will obviously receive the update automatically. Ffor those of you who have not activate this option, you shall receive a message with clear directions on every step you need to follow in order to install the update.

From the looks of it, LG seems to be trying to establish an even wider network between all of the company’s devices. And of course there are many customers that preferred to stick with a first-generation webOS TV rather than go for a webOS 2.0 set, so LG has enough reason to keep those customers satisfied- and it is doing pretty well so far.