The new LG V30 will make its debut at the Mobile World Congress 2018, with new AI features exclusive to the device. Image: LG

LG Electronics has confirmed rumors of a new version of its LG V30 smartphone at this year’s MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, Spain.

Known individually as Voice AI and Vision AI, the new phone will be adding exclusive Google Assistant commands, image recognition skills and – as rumored in recent weeks – the system will be able to scan QR codes, and identify items for the user that will provide them with the lowest price of the said product; an innovative shopping feature LG has added to their new phone.

LG has been boasting about their newly added AI technologies, saying it’ll be showing off “the first of a suite of AI technologies”, and with that LG is seemingly confirming some rumors that apparently originated in Korea. LG plans to expand AI techniques for phones and add strategies to their phone systems.

“As we communicated last month at CES, the future for LG lies in AI, not just hardware specs and processing speeds,” said Ha Jeung-uk, senior vice president and business unit leader for LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

What to expect from Vision AI on the new LG V30

LG’s brand new phone will include, according to the company, an AI-powered camera. The Vision AI technology will be able to automatically analyze a scene to recommend one of eight shooting modes.

LG Electronics claims that angles, colors, reflections, backlighting and saturation levels are measured against a database of 100 million images when automatically selecting portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise, or sunset modes.

Not only that, but the phone will also feature dual lenses, wide angle low distortion lenses, and the all-glass Crystal Clear Lens.

The Vision AI will also have the capabilities of automatically brightening images that are set in a dimly or lowly lit area using a new low-light shooting mode. The phone measures the brightness of the actual image that will be captured, and it results in the brightness levels being adjusted in a more accurate manner than in a conventional way.

What’s Voice AI and how is it different from Google Assistant?

A new feature that has also been added to the phone is the Voice AI. It permits consumers to adjust settings and run apps with the use of voice commands only. Teaming up with Google Assistant, the 32 LG-exclusive Voice AI commands – up from 23 commands in 2017. LG hopes to eliminate having to scroll through menus and options and to just use your voice to dictate the options you want on your phone.

The Voice AI will also be able to command the phone’s camera through voice commands, these include shooting modes such as food and panoramic photos.

Source: LG