Lenovo (NASDAQ: LNVGY) announced its new laptops and desktops collection designed for all kinds of businesses. Equipped with over the edge technologies and a modern design, the new collection includes the ThinkPad E Series, the renewed M, B and E laptops and of course, the company’s S Series desktops, which all are known for their great performance and their innovative design.


Small and larger businesses are constantly looking for solutions in order to get rid of technical problems and at the same time increase the efficiency and cooperation of their employees inside and outside of the office. It is a necessity for a business to keep safe all of its sensitive information and personal data and at the same time expand their business intelligence and network services.


If you’re looking for the perfect balance between your workplace and your home or your other outdoors activities, then you should consider the ThinkPad E Series. They are trustworthy, with 14inch and 15.6inch screens and they offer a remarkable performance. The ThinkPad E Series is perfect for small businesses that are searching for high-end tech. There is a fingerprint scanner that will make sure your personal data is always secured while the latest generation Intel and AMD processors can prove to be up to 10% more efficient.

For designing and BI (Business Intelligence), Lenovo’s new S Series desktops is what suits you best. The latest models are equipped with modern features and also offer a vast variety of powerful security options such as the Smart USB security and the Lenovo Bluetooth Lock.

And of course, if you’re looking for something more convenient, economic and with great performance then the right words for you are Lenovo laptops. The new M41 is ideal for every professional who travels a lot and requires processing power in a thin and light case.

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Moreover, if you would like some extra security then switch to the E41 and E51 which even feature an optional fingerprint scanner. Last but not least, we’ve got the B41 and B51 which are pretty cute on the outside and can turn out to be very economic and helpful on your everyday tasks.