Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon price and release date
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon. Image: Lenovo.

Lenovo has unveiled their new lineup of X1 products, starting with the Carbon ThinkPad laptop showcased at CES 2017. The Carbon has a starting price of $709.99 (Amazon) and is one of the thinnest laptops yet, but does not compromise any performance specs.

Measuring exactly 12.7 inches in length, 8.5 inches in width, and only 0.6 inches (1.6cm) in thickness, this laptop is the ultimate carry-on. The laptop rivals the thinnest computer on the market today, the Dell XPS 13, which measures 0.54 inches at the thickest point.

Thinkpad X1 Carbon rivals the thinnest computer on the market today, the Dell XPS 13, which measures 0.54 inches at the thickest point.

The Ultrabook, however, serves as a reliable workhorse for all kinds of tasks. The laptop will be available in February along with the X1 Yoga and the ThinkPad X1 Tablet.

The Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon is only 0.6 inches thick. Image: Lenovo.

Thinkpad X1 Carbon specs and features

The difference between the new model and its 4th generation predecessor will be that this laptop is noticeably thinner and lighter, as stated above. Performance variations will have to do with the fact that it contains the 7th generation of Intel processors while the previous model holds the 6th.

The 2017 X1 Carbon can pack up to a 3.9GHz Intel Core vPro i7-7600U processor with up to 16GB of LPDDR3 RAM (starts at 8GB). Users can also choose from a wide variety of storage space options starting with a 128GB SSD SATA drive all the way up to a 1TB SSD PCIe TLC OPAL2 model.

The battery will reportedly last up to 16 hours. The X1 also features Dolby Audio Premium, 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI entry, Native RJ45, MicroSD and MicroSIM holders for improved connectivity. Intel provides the GPU with an Integrated HD Graphics 620 card.

The 14-inch compact metal body comes in two colors and has enough room for a 720p HD camera with optional infrared capabilities. The lightest version of Windows 10 64-bit will help keep things even simpler and better.

Screen resolution will offer two choices, a WQHD IPS display (2560 x 1440), and a lesser FHD (1920 x 1080) option. Windows Hello, a fingerprint scanner and a weight of barely a kilogram (two pounds) make this laptop an instant head-turner.

A worthy contender for older models

Older generation X1 Carbon laptops always received good reviews for their reliability and price, but users complained most about issues with the screen and battery, especially in the 3rd generation variant.

The 2017 model improves upon this errors to deliver a truly premium product. The laptop also includes more ports, which might not seem important at first glance. However, it does not recover the Ethernet port found on the third-gen model.

Source: Lenovo