Lenovo might be the first company to truly put out an all-screen phone, and it might have pushed some technology boundaries to do so. Image: CNET

Lenovo has been teasing the internet via CNET and China’s social network Weibo, with pictures of the first ever all-screen phone, the Lenovo Z5, which will have a surprising 95 percent of its body covered by the screen. According to the company’s president Chang Cheng, this smartphone will be accompanied by 4 technological breakthroughs and 18 already patented ones.

While Apple claims to have the first all-screen phone with the iPhone X, there is that little detail that bugs many people, the infamous notch. Also, there have been many Android models that follow this exact same hardware device by just throwing in a screen. Lenovo, on the other hand, has been a dedicated player to its sport, and we will have to wait and see what this phone is all about.

Over the course of the past few years, several tech companies have been trying to get to the technologies necessary to enhance a completely screened phone or a “bezel-less” design. For example, the successful design and employment of OLED panels, as well as smart cameras in order to use face recognition and in-display fingerprint sensors have been some of the most futuristic technologies that have been developed.

However, only Apple has been completely successful when it comes to putting all these features together with an ideal placing of its OLED panel underneath the device, unlike Xiaomi’s Mi Mix which has a 91.3 percent of screen body in the device.

Why is the Z5 one of its kind

What makes this smartphone a unique piece of hardware so far is its 95 percent screen-body ratio and the previously mentioned 18 technological patents. Plus, it has one very notable advantage over Apple’s iPhone X: it has no notch. Lenovo did not elaborate on how they managed to get their way with this full-screen model.

It is no secret, nonetheless, that it is expected for the Z5 to be completely packed in its inner design and OS features. This is, in fact, what experts are eager to know, how the company put all the pieces together in what looks like the most seamless design so far in the mobile industry.

Speculated Lenovo technology

It remains unknown, however, the location of the front-facing camera. Experts believe that in order to provide consumers with a notchless display, the company decided to remove this feature or in any case decided to reallocate the placement of this camera. In case of its removal, this could compromise sales, due to the fact that this is pretty fundamental for consumers today.

Source: The Verge