The Android One program is touching land on the U.S. with a new version of the Moto X4. Image: Twitter.

Evan Blass published on his Twitter account a leaked render of a Moto X4 branded as an Android One device. The notorious tech leaker captioned the image just as “interesting,” considering the stock version of the OS had been shipped previously only on the Xiaomi Mi A1.

The Android One program is a small initiative within Google to provide long-term update support to manufacturers who ship devices with stock Android instead of custom user interfaces. Although some believe this should be the norm, the inherent openness of the operating system prevents it.

Motorola, a brand that once belonged to Google but never really fulfilled the potential of the partnership, will bring the first Android One device to the U.S. market. The program might expand across different price tiers and companies, even in the face of an impending acquisition deal with HTC.

Android One Moto X4 needs some clear marketing

The whole point of the Android One program is to offer support directly from Google to customers buying non-Pixel devices. This includes fast updates issued directly by the tech giant, and a user interface that is pure Android with no bloatware whatsoever.

This is not a problem, but certainly, an issue when it comes to Motorola branded phones. The Chinese manufacturer already has a philosophy that consists of sticking to a near-stock Android experience. In fact, this has been one of its biggest selling points over the years.

While it is true that Motorola does load some of its apps on the phones it makes, it is also true that these do not pose any significant obstacle to Android users. They are neither intrusive nor essential, and they can be swapped for others in Settings as people usually do.

With this in mind, Lenovo needs to differentiate the Moto X4 from the Android One version in a significant enough way that people engage and buy it once it comes out. The most important factor might be reassuring customers that they will get Android Oreo and Android P once it comes out.

The new Moto X4 won’t differ that much from the original

Other than software differences, it is safe to say that the Moto X4 device launching as part of the Android One program won’t deviate that much from the original handset’s specs sheet.

The phone by Lenovo comes with a 5.8-inch 1080p display, it has a 3,000 mAh battery with Turbo Power support, and it is resistant to dust and water according to its IP68 certification.

In terms of components, the Moto X4 pales in comparison to other flagships within its price bracket (for example Nokia), as it packs a Snapdragon 630 SoC, 3 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of storage expandable via microSD card.

Its dual camera setup is one of its most appealing features since the main array on the back consists of a 12 MP standard lens and an 8 MP wide-angle lens. Users get 16 MP in the front for selfies, a big plus as always with Motorola cameras.

Source: Twitter