Samsung (NASDAQ: SSNLF), the electronics, mobile phones and accessories giant had recently published an infographic on its official global blog website, ‘Samsung Tomorrow’. The infographic mentions step-by-step process of how to use Samsung’s new app called as the ‘S Health App’. The S Health app helps users to make a fitness regime and track it. Users can make this app their ‘fitness buddy’. The infographic explains how a person can include fitness regime in his/ her daily routine and also how to be fit with it.

Improve your health with the help of infographic for Samsung’s S Health app

Samsung’s infographic for S Health app is certainly a great help for those who want to improve their health. The infographic says that a person should pay attention to their sleep, diet and exercise to become healthy. Since improvising these three areas takes quite a long time, an app like S Health can help you track your progress.

S Health can set goals for you. Generally, people tend to give up much before they reach their goal because they don’t see any significant changes. Samsung believes that this is the point where S Health app can help people get going. Users can set their health goals; like losing 20 lbs. weight, eating non-oily food or running 10 miles in a week. Users can then enter all activities in the S Health app and see their progress.

The particular app is not a new release by Samsung. However, newer versions of the app have been released for higher end models of the company’s smartphones. The latest versions have some advanced features like heart rate monitor and finger print sensor. The app also calculates how many calories the user has burnt after certain activity like hiking, cycling, running and walking. The app is pre-installed on some of the Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note 4 and S6.