LastPass announces Multi-Device support for free accounts
LastPass announces Multi-Device support for free accounts. Image credit: PCWorld.

A blog post from LastPass, published today, confirmed the company had made Multi-Device access free for all users starting now. This update lets all users get LastPass simultaneously on their phones, tablets, or PC without any extra charge.

Joe Siegrist, LastPass’ current CEO and co-founder, published the article. He stated the move intended to help users build a better online life, further simplifying their password habits.

LastPass, who started in 2008, already offered the Multi-Device feature in their latest version, but only for Premium users. The company’s paid plan currently costs $1 a month.

Users who already had a Free LastPass account on their desktop computers or laptops will finally be able to download the mobile app on their tablets and smartphones.

The LastPass mobile app is currently available both for Android and iOS. Users can download and use the app across an unlimited number of devices.

LastPass plans and features

The Free personal plan now includes the Multi-Device feature, password auto-fill and save, password generator, secure notes, sharing of passwords and notes, security challenge, and two-factor authentication (2FA).

Two-factor authentication is a feature that allows users set another authentication credential on top of the password. This credential could be many things like a code sent to their phone via app or SMS, a security question, among others.

LastPass offers not only two-factor but also multi-factor authentication, and contains a variety of apps that help protect a user’s information from keyloggers and other threats.

Their Premium plan includes everything found in the Free plan along with Family Sharing (one account for up to five users), no ads, YubiKey and Sesame protection options, priority tech support, LP for apps, desktop fingerprint ID, and 1GB of encrypted file storage.

How does LastPass work?

LastPass is a password manager, which means that it is an application designed for users to store all of the passwords they use in one location.

When creating a LastPass account, users can automatically save passwords to their account from all websites and secure them with a Master Password.

Users can also share their passwords with other users via LastPass, which requires the recipients to have their account. LastPass embeds itself as a plug-in for browsers, allowing users to input passwords into sites with just one click.

Source: LastPass