Chris Brown-standoff-gun-assault-baylee curran
Chris Brown gets arrested again, but he might be innocent this time. Image credit: Guardian TV.

Baylee Curran said Brown assaulted her with a gun, but the evidence says otherwise

Los Angeles Police arrested Chris Brown on Tuesday after a nine-hour wait around his mansion. The 27-year-old singer paid a $250,000 bail and bought his freedom around 11 pm.

Brown must assist to an LA court later this month to respond to Curran’s accusations. She says Brown threatened her with a pistol while she attended a business reunion at his home. LADP officers responded to a radio call of a female screaming at 3:11.a.m.

After the incident, Curran assured she was admiring jewelry at Brown’s house when he started shouting at her. “Get the f*** out of the house,” Brown said, and Curran fled to her neighbor’s house after she denied signing a nondisclosure agreement.

Baylee Curran-Chris brown-stand off- gun
Baylee Curran accused Chris Brown of assaulting her with a gun, but the LAPD didn’t find guns at Brown’s LA Mansion. Image from YouTube.

The beauty queen took her phone and made a run for it. “I was scared for my life,” she told E! News. Some neighbors heard the commotion and called the LAPD.

The police surrounded the house and waited long nine hours to get their hands on a search warrant. They entered the house around 1 pm and took the celebrity into custody. The officers found no guns in Brown’s Tarzana mansion.

Chris Brown ruined his reputation when he beat Rihanna 

He may even be more famous because of his controversial relationship with Rihanna than he is for being a rapper.

Brown was called “the new Michael Jackson” when he burst into fame in 2005 at the age of 16 with a self-titled, multi-platinum record. His name grew beyond when he began dating Rihanna in 2008.

In 2009, the artist was arrested for –viciously- beating, his then-girlfriend, Rihanna . He pleaded guilty to assault charges and received five years probation, community service and an obligation to attend a year of domestic violence counseling.

Afterward, Rihanna famously confessed to Oprah Winfrey that she forgave Brown’s mistakes because “he needed help.” No surprise they got back together in late 2012 and broke up again in summer 2013.

Baylee Curran had problems with the Miss California organization 

Baylee Curran is the winner of 2016 Miss California Regional State Pageant. This contest brings together models from 16 California cities in a beauty competition that likes to introduce itself as “a positive approach to pageantry.”

The committee stripped Curran from her title in July due to a “breach of contract.”  On an official statement, the organization explained Curran had refused to return the sash and the crown and has “incorrectly identified herself as Miss California Regional.”

Either way, she prefers to identify herself as an “actress.” Her IMDB page confirms her claim, as she is soon to debut in the movie industry with a central role in the upcoming thriller “Cold Blooded.”

Source: E Online