Kylie Jenner’s Twitter account was hacked recently, and it spread various rumors regarding her sex tape. But now, on June 06, 2016, the reality star has openly come forward through Snapchat and addressed the sex tape rumors boldly.

She told that her Twitter profile has been hacked, but now, she has gained control over it. The 18-year-old beauty added that she does not care about the hack, and she is allowing the hackers to have some fun.

In another Snapchat video, she addressed the gossips which spread around the internet regarding her intimate video with ex-boyfriend Tyga. In the video, the ravishing beauty made it clear that she is not planning to follow the footsteps of her half-sister KIm Kardashian.

Jenner added that people are never going to see a sex tape of her. Tyga and Kylie said Adios to each other on last May, and many sources claim that it is Tyga’s infidel nature which resulted in break up.

Previously, the couple has split once, but after some time, they revived their relationship. It is now believed that their parting on May is final, and chances of further compromise are pretty less.

The source revealed that Jenner felt betrayed due to Tyga’s deeds, and the star is not willing to patch up the problems.

Many people believe that Jenner is now dating ‘Party Next Door’ after the break-up. At Drake’s memorial celebration, both the stars enjoyed some nice moments, kissing and cuddling each other with immense passion.

Kylie’s Twitter account got flooded with X-rated tweets after the hack. Some of the noted obscene tweets include the one which referred Justin Beiber’s private parts. Other tweets had references about Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Even in the midst of all these issues, Jenner remains unflinching, and it clearly shows her stable state of mind. We appreciate Kylie for her positive mindset and wishes her success for all future endeavors.