Kid Cudi threatens Drake on Twitter
Kid Cudi threatens Drake on Twitter. Image from Twitter.

Kid Cudi told Drake to say it to his face in response to a diss in “Two Birds, One Stone.” Fans believe a line in Drake’s song is without a doubt aimed at Kid Cudi, and now the American rapper has weighed in with a tweet.

Last time the public knew from Kid Cudi, he was checking into rehab. After a month, the North American rapper returned to the scene with two tweets. One thanking his fans for the support, but the second tweet was an open challenge for Drake.

On October 5, Kid Cudi posted on his Facebook page he had checked himself into rehabilitation for depression and suicidal urges. In the meantime, Drake announced an upcoming playlist titled More Life.

Earlier this week, the Canadian rapper celebrated his 30th birthday by releasing four tracks set to appear in More Life. In one of them, called “Two Birds, One Stone,” Drake talks about Cudi’s 2009 album Man on the Moon. The song says “I like your old shit, but wasn’t in love with the latest.”

Kid Cudi started the feud on September

Last month, Kid Cudi claimed both Drake and Kanye West use ghost writers for their music. Cudi posted the accusation on Twitter which West and Drake did not appreciate. 

However, it all started last year when Meek Mill accused Drake of using ghostwriters to write his verses. They then engaged in a big public fight. However, to the surprise of Drake and Kanye West, Kid Cudi went on with the same antics in September.

Kanye West talked about the accusation onstage. He admitted feeling disrespected by Kid Cudi. West also felt disappointed because he was the one who signed Cudi with his GOOD music label in 2008.

The two have featured each other on their past hit tracks, including “Erase Me,” “All of the Lights,” and “Father Stretch My Hands.”

Drake has not answered to Kid Cudi’s tweet

Drake first fired back those comments during one of his shows, too. He told the crowd that Kid Cudi is getting way too high and that he needs to Cud-it. Drake was referencing O.T. Genasis’ “Cut It.”

Then came “Two Birds, One Stone,” and now with Kid Cudi’s tweet, fans are waiting for Drake to reply. While it is true that Kid Cudi began the feud with Drake and Kanye West, it is also true that Drake is not a stranger to this kind of beef.

In addition to Kid Cudi, the Toronto-based artist has had feuds with Tory Lanez, Ludacris, Kendrick Lamar, and Pusha T this year. He has also exchanged words with DMX, Jay-Z, and Common.

Source: Billboard