The new Revero sports a familiar face in terms of design as it keeps most of the original Fisker Karma. Image Credit: Hybrid Cars

Earlier this Thursday, August 11, the Californian automaker Karma Automotive revealed on its official website a teaser of the new Karma Revero. A familiar design and enhanced inner parts are the main features of this plug-in hybrid revamp.

The partial reveal from Karma follows reports of the company’s interest in expanding operations on Chinese soil. The original manufacturer of the Karma model was the once widely acclaimed Fisker Automotive, a luxury vehicle startup founded in 2007 spearheaded by Henrik Fisker.

However, a series of misfortunate decisions and events led to Fisker’s impending failure in the automotive industry, after which he officially filed for bankruptcy in 2013. The company was acquired by the notorious Wanxiang Group and rebranded for commercial purposes under the name of its signature sports car.

Karma is real, and the new Revero is proof, main features

Whereas the automaker responsible for the original Fisker Karma underwent a significant transformation, the Karma Revero remains as authentic as its predecessor, albeit better.

It was nearly a year ago when the company announced their change in name and leadership, and since then it seems like it has been nothing but work. The new Revero sports a familiar face regarding design as it keeps most of the original Fisker Karma. A smart choice given that the exterior was never the problem, but rather the firm suit of Fisker’s cars was an issue.

Henrik Fisker, the designer of high-end Aston Martin and BMW models, was the designer of the Karma. The Revero only does away with the original front grille for a different pattern, while also changing the logo which now features a marble-like hand-painted blue logo.

The Revero packs hybrid technology in an authentic car

The signature feature of both Fisker and Karma cars is the hybrid technology they include in their models.

It was revolutionary at the time, but hybrid cars have seen a broad adoption from mainstream automakers in the past years, so the new Revero has even more competition than before. Luckily, it seems to come prepared for it.

At a glance, the solar power roof is the most distinct new addition to the Revero, which would make it the first of its kind in American roads. Karma says that the ceiling can power the car, but further details about these claims remain to be specified.

Moreover, the official site features the new “infotainment” system included in the Revero, an industry standard that is present in most next-generation vehicles. The Wanxiang has taken a more minimalistic approach to new technologies, further stating that “if you like a 200-page supplement to the owner’s manual to describe your infotainment system, look elsewhere.”

A countdown on the Karma Revero site indicates that the official launch date for the vehicle will be in 28 days, and the price tag on the high-end hybrid will reportedly be over $100,000 like its predecessor the Fisker Karma.

Source: Karma Automotive