More news about Kanye West's hospitalization continue to surface. Image Source: Hype Beast

In spite of rumors pointing at Kanye West’s release from the hospital this Monday, new reports claim he is still not stable enough to go home. The rapper will remain at UCLA Medical Center under the care of doctors until he is emotionally and mentally sound.

West has been hospitalized for a week now, after his hospital admission in Los Angeles last Monday, November 21. The controversial artist was on tour just days before his hospitalization, and he canceled all his remaining U.S. dates on November 19.

Sources close to West and his wife Kim Kardashian claim paranoia and depression as some of the symptoms keeping the hip-hop superstar in the hospital. Whenever he goes home, his personal doctor will watch over him along with his wife.

Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery messed up Kanye

Reports from people close to the power couple say Kim Kardashian’s robbery episode in Paris last month may have taken a toll on both the reality TV star and Kanye himself.

Thugs dressed and posing as police officers broke into Kardashian’s room at The No Adress Hotel in the morning of October 3. They tied the 36-year-old and locked her in the bathroom while they took away an estimated $10 million worth in jewelry.

West learned of the episode mid-show as he performed a set in New York as part of the Meadows Music & Arts Festival, and he immediately stopped the performance citing a “family emergency.”

Kim Kardashian has been Kanye West’s rock throughout his hospital stay

Some more reports from anonymous sources close to West say Kim Kardashian has stepped up to support her husband all the way through his recovery at the UCLA Medical Center.

Kardashian, who usually accompanies West during his tours, did not join the 39-year-old rapper this time around as she was dealing with the aftermath of the Paris robbery and taking care of their two kids: North and the newborn Saint.

At the time, sources claimed Kardashian was unharmed yet “severely shaken” by the incident. Image Source: ET
At the time, sources claimed Kardashian was unharmed yet “severely shaken” by the incident. Image Source: ET

Kim’s absence from Kanye’s side as he performed around the U.S. reportedly did a number on him and made him behave quite erratically on and off stage. Most notably, West went on a tirade against Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Hillary Clinton at one of his last performances before canceling the tour.

Now, hospitalized presumably for his mental breakdowns, Kardashian has remained by his side all the time helping him stay sound. Kanye allegedly had nightmares of Kim’s burglary before his admission to the hospital.

Kanye West remains undiagnosed

Further reports say doctors are focused on helping Kanye get back in shape, but do not discard performing serious studies on the artist and fashion designer to determine if he has some mental disorder.

Hollywood life is no strange on taking a toll on people’s mental health, and Kanye could be suffering from something more serious than anxiety, depression, and paranoia as previously reported.

Kanye West has always been a controversial figure for his outspoken nature and eclectic style, but it remains to be seen if the rapper’s antics are just a product of his unique personality or if something else lies behind his actions.

Source: TMZ