Jimmy Kimmel's bittersweet performance at the Emmy Awards 2016
Jimmy Kimmel's bittersweet performance at the Emmy Awards 2016. Image credit: ET Online.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the Emmy Awards 2016 and made a hilarious performance with a touch of controversy in what was for many one of the best shows in recent years. His Bill Cosby joke did not seem as humorous as his shot at the always missing Maggie Smith.

Posts on Twitter also pointed out Matt Damon and Kimmel’s fake feud sketch as one of the highlights of the night. Damon poke fun at the Emmys host after his Jimmy Kimmel Live! The show lost in the Outstanding Variety Talk Series category to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

The ceremony, held on September 18 at the Microsoft Theater, saw a variety of reactions from the actors in attendance. John Travolta was initially thrilled, but then it began to fade away for some reason, while Kit Harington, Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, laughed out loud at Kimmel’s masturbation gag and had a blast during the whole night.

Kimmel also made jokes about Donald Trump, including a sketch with Jeb Bush, and the Oscars diversity problem, calling the Emmys more diverse. Actors from Game of Thrones, The People vs. O.J. Simpson, Modern Family and Veep made cameos while Kimmel was trying to hitch rides to the Emmys gala.

In regards to the awards, crime anthology The People v. O. J. Simpson won the most Emmys of the night with five. Game of Thrones won three, including Outstanding Drama Series for the second year in a row. GOT reached 38 awards, surpassing Frasier’s 37, to become the fictional TV show with the most Primetime Emmy Awards.

The best: Kimmel says Maggie Smith better come and get her Emmy this time

Maggie Smith won Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Violet Crawley on Downton Abbey. However, like 2011 and 2012, Professor Minerva McGonagall was not among the crowd. Those two years she also got an award in that category.

After skipping TV’s biggest night once again, Kimmel said enough is enough. He grabbed the award before anyone could accept it on Smith’s behalf and said, this time, they were not going to mail her the statuette. The host added that it would be in the lost and found waiting for her.

Viewers found it hilarious and turned to Twitter to express it, but they were not alone. Old Maggie was amused as well and responded to Kimmel. She asks the host for directions to the lost and found.

The worst: Kimmel faced backlash for his Bill Cosby joke

Jimmy Kimmel’s second time as host, after the 64th edition in 2012, was going smooth and well until his Bill Cosby joke. An announcer asked the audience to welcome Bill Cosby to the stage.

The camera then showed several astonished crowd reactions, including Amy Poehler, Ellie Kemper and most notably Tina Fey, who has been vocal about Cosby’s alleged crimes. Kimmel returned to the scene and said Cosby was not coming out, that he only wanted to see their faces.

Cosby has been the subject of several sexual assault allegations since the 2000s, and two weeks ago, he was finally ordered to stand trial for one case. So, naturally, the comedian has been accused of joking about rape, while viewers criticized the Emmys for showing the women’s reaction to the gag.

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