J.K. Rowling's Pottermore lets you cast a Patronus charm
J.K. Rowling's Pottermore lets you cast a Patronus charm. Image credit: Pottermore.

When did the Patronus feature launch?

Pottermore has included a quiz designed by J.K Rowling herself to reveal the true form of people’s Patronus. This feature went online on September 22, and thousands of fans have already shared their results.

The most important spell in the “Harry Potter” universe is the Expecto Patronus. It can protect the wizard from the evil Dementors by recreating one of their treasured memories with light. It is a very important part of Harry Potter’s plot.

Pottermore worked closely with J.K Rowling to create the feature using 3D digital modeling. The Patronus were all designed by the author personally and all fit within the universe of the book. The Nymphadora Trunk’s wolf is the most common so far.


Think of your happiest moment and discover your Patronus charm

The quiz is free, and it is on the official website. However, people will have to create an account. Then, They answer a series of questions related to their personality and personal interests.

However, the test is time sensitive and will require fans to answer as fast as possible or start again. In fact, Jurevics encouraged fans to not lie and enjoy a little bit of the wizardry world in real life.

On the other hand, the developers said there was a limit of a test per account, so people should be careful when they do it. They did not say anything about a limit number of accounts per IP, though.

Pottermore divided the Patronus charm into three categories 

So far, there are three different type of Patronus. All of them are animals of various environments but divided as Common, Unusual, and Rare kinds. The first kind, the standard ones, are domestic animals which everyone can find in houses and farms. It includes dogs, cats, horses, and domestic birds.

The second type, the unusual, are wild animals that are strongly related to folklore and have some mystic aura around them. Users report that under this category, they have gotten sharks, tigers, lions, bears and many variants of owls.

Lastly, the rare class features mythical creatures from within the universe of Harry Potter. They are, of course, the hardest kind to get and many users already tried many times in vain to get this kind (using different accounts of course). Only three creatures have been discovered under this category and are hippogriffs, unicorns, and runespoors.

J.K Rowling has encouraged fans to be patient and keep trying. She added on her Twitter account she had managed to change her Patronus as she took the test on two separate occasions. So fans expect that in the future, this option will be available for them.

Source: LA Times