Apple Inc. iPhone 6S 2015.

The rumor mill has been activated a lot since the speculations of the next iPhone, the iPhone 7, has started. Apple is known for its annual cycle of release for the iPhone devices, so, according to the present release cycle, the iPhone lovers could expect to get a September release for the iPhone 7, next year.

The biggest rumor that has been verified through many channels is that Apple is looking forward towards a major overhaul on the iPhone’s design, as well as upgrade the specs.

The question, therefore, for the people looking to buy an iPhone, is that should they wait for the iPhone 7 or should they go ahead and buy the iPhone 6S, especially now that the Christmas deals are on? Here are a few roundups of the rumors regarding the iPhone 7 that we are aware of so far.

We have also made a short comparison of this device with the iPhone 6S so that you are able to judge better.

Disclaimer: All the info regarding the iPhone 7 mentioned in the particular article is rumors at the current moment. It is highly probable that most of these features will make it to the final product, though they have not been confirmed by Apple. Moreover, the intel given in this piece have been accumulated from the most reliable sources on the internet.



Not a lot is known when it comes to the design of the iPhone 7. Several speculations are being made by analysts claiming that the iconic physical home button may be killed for making the display top-to-bottom and may also be supplanted by the 3D touch technology that Apple introduced us with through the iPhone 6S.

Few rumors also surfaced that the handset may be a lot thinner, and Cupertino is also considering to remove the headphone jack.

As for the material, the 7000 series aluminum body will most likely be favoured, as this is the structure that has been used in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and stood out pretty well due to its resistive nature.

The iPhone 6S, on the other hand, has a similar design to what was seen in the iPhone 6, the little difference being the thickness, as the iPhone 6S is a bit thicker than the iPhone 6, owing to the addition of the Force Touch technology. Another change in the iPhone 6S is the addition of the rose gold finish to the existing color variants of the line-up.



As of now, there are not many speculations regarding the display resolution, but fictionally, the iPhone 7 may feature a 4.7-inch display and later on the trend of launching a ‘Plus’ iPhone, the larger 5.2-inch version will follow. Sapphire Glass could be also used to protect this device.

Sapphire Glass is known to be better for protection when compared to rival Corning Gorilla Glass.

The iPhone 6S sports a 4.7-inch IPS LCD display that has a 1334X750 resolution and a pixel density of 326 ppi. Considering the selling price point and the rivals, the display on the iPhone 6S is definitely not that brilliant.



As all other specifications, not much is known about the camera of the iPhone 7. But considering the previous trends, the camera specifications may not change management much. Though, enhancements in the camera technology will definitely be there. Apple is also considering using the camera miniaturization technology based on light splitter cube technology.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6S features a 12MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera.


The processor and the RAM are the two areas where we can expect a major change in this iPhone 7. Talks of the A10 processor are getting fairly strong and the speculations surely indicate towards a very fast processor that will potentially change the way iPhones will operate in this near future.

As opposed to the dual-core processors that we are used to seeing till now, the A10 processor will house a six-core design. Cupertino has also hinted at increasing the RAM on the iPhone; 3GB RAM is speculated to be present on the iPhone 7.

Besides memory and CPU performance, Apple may also be looking at addressing the outcry that has erupted for the 16GB version of the iPhone, especially now that the storage-absorbing 4K video recording gimmick has made its way into the series. Hence, an iPhone 7 scenario suggests that Cupertino will get rid of the outdated 16GB installment, and offer the base-line title to the 32GB one.

As for the iPhone 6S, it is powered by the A9 chip, clocked at 1840 MHz, clubbed with 2GB of RAM. The A9 processor is a dual-core processor and is much faster and better at handling multitasking than the A8 predecessor.


This is another hot topic in the discussions of the upcoming iPhone 7. There have been rumours that Apple may introduce the layered cell technology in the iPhones. This innovation is used in the latest MacBook Pro and is designed to use every inch of the device to adjust maximum battery capacity. We can be hopeful for some excellent battery performance from Apple as in the past, with the iPad, it had held the record for the longest battery life.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6S features a 2,500 mAh battery that may seem disappointing when being compared to the battery capacity that is being offered from other smartphones, though it can easily keep the iPhone powered for the whole day with average usage.



Apple’s forthcoming iOS 10 will ostensibly power the iPhone 7, while, as of now, iOS 9 is all set to receive a new update for the iPhone 6S.

The Verdict

Coming to our verdict on whether you should buy the iPhone 6S or wait for this iPhone 7, we would like to point out that for the past many years, Apple has been following an annual release cycle and each time, they have introduced several advancements which they will continue to deliver with further installments as well.

Hence, for people who are looking to buy an iPhone immediately, they can surely go ahead and opt for the iPhone 6S, because despite some minor setbacks spotted here and there, it still is a great smartphone.