iPad mini 5 release
iPadmini5-release-September. Credit image: 9to5mac

The usual suspects are lining up to star Apple’s annual signature event, with the new iPad now rumored to be one of the reveals in the expected show. The revolutionary tablet, a pioneer in style and capacity, looks like is set to take the stage along the new iPhone 7 in September.

Reports from unofficial sources point out that the device launched by Apple will either be the iPad Mini 5 or a new series: A Mini version of the iPad Pro. However, others claim that the American company will unveil a new iPad Air instead, the third in the family. The last time people saw an iPad air was in 2014 when Apple’s second ultra-light tablet hit the shelves.

It is not impossible that the American tech powerhouse might release both, but with two iPhones already coming this year and probably some other surprises, it seems like an unlikely bet.

The new tablet promises a small body without sacrificing performance

The new Mini iPad family is supposed to be not only lighter than its predecessor but also faster. If the rumors are right, it will set the bar high.

First, regarding design the iconic tablet is expected to have lost some weight and a couple of sizes, coming down 1.1-mm to a record thin of 5-mm. This, of course, will seem unnecessary to conservatives and even raise some performance concerns given the implications.

A slimmer body could translate into poorer battery life, but Apple has a tendency of betting on aesthetics above anything else. However, battery life is not expected to drop but maintain performance, as it has been with other Apple devices which have reduced their dimensions over the years.

The new size suggests that, although the thickness of the device is appropriate for it, the new iPad could also ditch the 3.5-mm headphone jack, a move in line with the latest design leaks of the newest iPhone generation.

iPad mini release September
iPad-mini-5-release. Credit image: www.macworld.co.uk

Whether is the iPad 5 or Air, it will have a larger hard drive and a faster processor 

The new release is also expected to go hand in hand with the new standards in smartphones pushed by Apple, making 32GB of storage space its starting base. Moreover, it is also safe to bet that the speculated iPad will also see an upgrade in its processing capabilities, with an all new set of A9 and M9 processors.

3D Touch, a new responsive feature present in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, is also rumored to be included in the iPad Mini 5 or iPad Pro Mini. Also, the signature stylus for flagship tablets, the Apple Pencil, is likely to receive an update and to either be included or sold separately.

If released in September as rumored, the new iPad will most likely run on iOS 10 and its 7.9-inch display will probably receive a makeover in the exterior as well. The signature aluminum cover on the latest devices could also join the new generation with Rose Gold outfits besides the classics Space Gray and Silver Gold.

Exciting new things await for Apple enthusiasts in September, as the public waits for official information or announcements of the upcoming event and launching products.

Source: PC Advisor