The QX30 is an urban SUV built for downtown streets or weekend adventure. Credit: Motor Trend

Nissan and Mercedes-Benz collaborated to bring the Infiniti QX30. The car is described as an urban SUV with an intelligent assistant.

The Infiniti QX30 is a small hatchback with a very lavish design conceived by the designer Alfonso Albaisa. The luxury car can come with fuel or diesel engine based on the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The fastest of them, the 2.0T, can reach 100 km/h in seven seconds.

A dual-transmission allows expert drivers to live a fully controlled experience while rookies can use the automatic mode for a more comfortable drive. Even when using the manual mode, the system pre-selects the next shift making transitions smoother. This is possible because the car is equipped with two clutches, one for the even gears and another for the odds, so the driver will rarely feel anything while going through the seven possible shifts.

The developing team also worked very hard on the software. For instance, customers will be able to choose between different driving modes such as the echo-mode that consumes less gas, and the Sport mode for shorter responsive times when driving at high speeds. On flat pavement, all the power is going to be directed to the front wheels, but if the driver is going uphill, a percentage of the energy will be sent to the rear wheels, all while also assessing how much gas needs to be used.

Infiniti QX30’s design was conceived by designer Alfonso Albaisa. Credit: Infiniti USA

The car flirts with the assisted driving-like capabilities developed by Tesla

A lot of people will agree that one of the most difficult things to master behind the steering wheel is parking. The Infiniti QX30 is equipped with a system that takes most of the responsibility from the driver. It’s called Intelligent Park Assist. The feature uses the feed from 4 cameras, which provide a 360° view, and 12 sensors to detect when there is a perfect spot to park. Then, the driver can push a button, and the car will take control over the steering wheel, and the driver only has to operate the gas and brake pedals.

But the cameras and sensors monitor much more than that. Customers will be able to use an assisted driving feature that can, for example, tell the driver when a moving object approaches the car activating the camera with the best view. Also, the wheel will vibrate if the person is drifting out of the lane, and the user can set a speed limit in order to receive a notification when he is about to exceed it. The QX30 will also be able to detect any possible threat ahead of the car, and it will reduce the speed or even apply a full stop if necessary.

All in all, the Infiniti QX30 looks like one of the steps before the actual self-driving car is released. It has been well received by experts who have particularly praised its stylish design, added features and performance. People can already pre-order their own QX30 from the website.

Source: Infiniti USA