iPad mini

Apple’s failure with the iPad mini that we saw last October is a commonly accepted fact according to the majority of consumers. The failure concerns the design as well as the poor technical features that led many to the conclusion that this was the end for that model.

Today, according to the usually valid @OnLeaks, we can see a CAD video which promises a dynamic come back for the iPad mini.

The designs reveal a new iPad mini with thinner body ( 6.1 mm ). This news is opposite with so far rumours that seem to confirm that the upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are thicker than their ancestors, something which can be due to the Force Touch technology that has been added.

And while the new design is definitely positive, what concerns many users is the “inside” In other words, many worry that the technical features will not change enough to make up for the previous model thus making this one a not so good attempt as well. So to the new iPad mini, we expect to see features similar to the iPad Air 2, meaning that there will probably be an 8 megapixels back camera, an A8 processor and 2GB of RAM.

According to the same rumours, Apple will plan an event on the 9th of September on Cupertino, where the company will present its new iPhones and iPads. If that is true, then instead of having 2 events, one for the iPhone and one for the iPad, we’ll just get one event with endless (hopefully) hours of product presentations.

Now whether on that rumoured event we’ll get to see the legendary iPad Pro, that remains a mystery. But for now let’s enjoy the rest of the summer and coming September we’ll be here to see which of those rumors were actually true. Stay tuned!