This year's IFA has brought many improved gagdets and smartphones, including the wearable tech of course. Image Source: TechRadar

The Dutch navigation company TomTom presented its last generation of products at IFA 2016 earlier this week. The launch comprised seven new devices, but the highlights were the latest GPS sports watches and the first fitness tracker by the company: the TomTom Touch.

TomTom’s announcement took place on the first day of the month, also the first day of the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) 2016. The same stage has since seen official exhibitions from tech giants like LG, Samsung, Sony, Acer, and more.

The 25-year-old company is perhaps better known for its work in navigation and mapping technologies. TomTom is the ally responsible for supporting Apple in the development of the Apple Maps app. Moreover, TomTom is also a part of the deal between Volkswagen and Uber to develop their mapping system using driverless cars.

TomTom Touch: A fitness tracker that measures body composition

The Amsterdam-based company is stepping further into the wearable fitness tracker field with the new TomTom Touch. At first glance, the device seems pretty similar to competing products like Fitbit’s performance tracking lineup, but it includes a unique feature that sets it apart from the crowd.

The TomTom Touch includes a dedicated button to calculate the muscle mass and body fat percentage of the wearer, an advanced feature not seen often in other comparable fitness trackers. The Dutch-engineered wrist device comes in a variety of band colors, and it features all the functions expected of a fitness tracker: Step count, heart rate monitoring, burned calories, sleep cycle, and different training modes.

Fitness enthusiasts can get the TomTom Touch starting in October for $129, a competitive price tag for similar devices.

TomTom Spark 3: Don’t go anywhere without music

The Spark 3 from TomTom combines the traditional GPS watch capabilities with features from a fitness tracker for the all-terrain active user, adding a little extra for the best overall experience.

The TomTom Spark 3 includes a heart-rate monitor, a pedometer, and a non-stop activity tracker. The device can display live GPS data on-the-go and even record routes from users as they exercise, storing them in the device and making them available for later exploration.

TomTom packs 3 GB of internal storage on the Spark 3 for music, and it even includes a wireless earphone set for an additional price. There are four different configurations for the Spark 3 depending on its features, ranging from $129 to $250 in price. The GPS watch hybrid will also be available in stores come October.

TomTom Adventurer: Built to last extreme outdoor activity

The new Adventurer packs all the features of the Spark 3 in a water-resistant device, built specifically to stand harsh conditions and intense outdoor activity in the mountains.

With this in mind, TomTom includes a barometer and a compass in the GPS outdoor watch, providing real-time data like distance, altitude, speed, pace, and more. The adventurer automatically detects info on the descent, gradients, and speed when practicing snowboard or ski.

For $349, those with more extreme ambitions can get the TomTom adventurer also in October. So far, the watch comes with orange and black bands.

All new TomTom wrist devices support Android and iOS connectivity through the official MySports app. Besides allowing users to gather and input their data, the sports watches also display notifications when synced with a smartphone.

Source: TomTom