IBM Watson Platform gives everyone access to Machine Learning. Image credit: Nature.

IBM announced on Tuesday a new business platform based on its AI engine. The Watson Data Platform is a system for enterprises with machine learning capabilities to analyze data. IBM’s Bob Picciano introduced the platform at the World of Watson 2016 conference.

The annual event also featured several tech announcements based on IBM’s Watson AI. Representatives from the company revealed projects in partnership with Pearson, Staples, Udacity, General Motors, and others using Watson for different projects.

IBM has been busy this month. Just last week, the company formed the OpenCAPI Consortium to speed up data transfers alongside industry leaders like Google, Dell, HP, and NVIDIA. IBM is also at the head of the hardware conglomerate Gen-Z.

What is IBM’s Watson Data Platform?

The IBM Watson Data Platform is a revolutionary system capable of providing enhanced data solutions to companies and businesses. The new platform will support the services from the IBM Cloud, allowing users to collaborate remotely on data projects.

Watson is IBM’s AI initiative and, as such, the Watson Machine Learning Service will receive an enhancement. In five years, the supercomputer has gone from executing 100 calculations a million times per second to performing a million calculations at the same frequency.

With that sustained growth in power, IBM intends to bring significant data ingestion and output to businesses interested in collecting and analyzing data fast and in depth.

“Watson Data Platform applies cognitive assistance for creating machine learning models, making it far faster to get from data to insight. It also, provides one place to access machine learning services and languages, so that anyone, from an app developer to the Chief Data Officer, can collaborate seamlessly to make sense of data,” said the Senior VP of IBM Analytics, Bob Pacciano.

The Watson Data Platform can upload massive amounts of information to the cloud at rates up to 100 gigabytes per second. The AI platform is also capable of editing and shaping data, as well as adding collaborators and providing analytics solutions automatically.

Which programming languages does Watson support? 

To enable collaboration and improvement of the platform, IBM has made the system open for developers in several programming languages for them to write and expand their projects. Watson Data Platform supports Java, Python, Scala, SQL, R, and others.

IBM’s Watson Data Platform is readily available on the IBM Cloud for solo agents and companies alike for a monthly fee.

Source: IBM