On May 10th, 2016, Huawei launched its newest phone, the Honor V8, alongside a fitness tracker, the Honor A1 Band. The band will be available to purchase from May 25th in China and will then be rolled out to other markets around the World.

The new Honor A1 Band looks much like the Fitbit Flex that came along in 2013; without a screen and houses LED indicator lights.



The Fitbit Flex retails for a much higher price than the newly introduced A1 Band. While the Fitbit Flex retails for approximately $100, the Honor A1 band will available to purchase with a leather wrist strap for $30. The A1 Band with a silicone wrist strap costs half at $15.

Specs and Features


While both activity bands track exercise times, sleep patterns, calories burnt and steps taken, the Honor A1 band also comes along with a UV sensor to gauge the amount of exposure to sunlight.

In addition, the Honor A1 Band also notifies you about calls and messages with an LED light indicator as well as by vibrating on your wrist. The Fitbit Flex does not support notifications.

Both bands are water proof (up to a certain depth and for a measured amount of time) as well as dust proof. Another differentiator is the battery life, where the Fitbit lasts you about 5 days on a single charge and the A1 Band promises around 28 days.



The Fitbit Flex is only available to purchase with rubber wrist-bands and in the colors of Black, Slate and Pink to choose from.

Huawei’s A1 Band comes along with the option to choose from either a silicone strap or a leather one to suit your liking. The leather strap will be available in the colors of Black, Purple, Tan Brown and Red, while the silicone straps will be available in colors of Teal, Pink, White and Black.

We’ve yet to see what the new Honor A1 Band is like for real. We will only know which of the two is better when the A1 Band hits the markets and users get a chance to try it out.