Htc Vive raises its VR headset cost in the UK
Htc Vive raises its VR headset cost in the UK. IMage credit: Gizmodo

The HTC Vive came out almost a year ago, and so far it stands as one of the most popular VR headsets in the market. Like most virtual reality systems, it is still away from having the variety of games that consoles currently enjoy, but it does have some good titles.

The HTC Vive headset received great reviews at its unveiling and has also been the recipient of numerous technology awards, especially during CES 2016.

The system is the child of Taiwanese company HTC and the Valve Corporation.

Below is a list of five games that currently stand as the some of the best options to enjoy virtual reality entertainment with the HTC Vive. The system needs a computer to work and now sells for $800 on Amazon, controllers and base stations included.

1. Raw Data ($40-Steam)

Developed by Survios, Raw Data takes the player into a hacking journey to collect pieces of information that might help save the world. It combines a sci-fi feel with a lot of FPS action and many reviewers regard it as the most ‘polished’ game for the Vive headset.

The game is so popular that it has already generated more than $1 million in sales, at a time in which most VR games comes as demos or ‘early access’ projects. Raw Data sells for $40 on Steam.

2. EVE: Valkyrie ( $59,99)

This game has not received universally good reviews, in fact, many game critics would call them “mixed,” at best. However, the spaceship fighting title has gained popularity for its immersive experience and addictive gameplay.

Valkyrie features cross-platform multiplayer gaming, which is also a very appealing feature for VR enthusiasts. The price might be a little too high, currently at $59,99, but the experience might be worth it for those who seek to get out of this reality.

3. The Brookhaven Experiment ($19,99)

A shorter zombie shooter game that currently sells for only $19,99. This title is the only survival horror game on Steam so far for the Vive system and has received very positive reviews. Players praise its ability to scare as well to entertain.

A strange hole from another dimension seems to have opened, and the player must go through the darkest of nights to close it. However, they are not alone. Strange creatures keep coming out from the shadows, and though they can get hurt, bullets run out quickly.

4. theBlu ($10) 

For only $10, theBlu offers one of the most exciting experiences in VR entertainment so far. Some people argue that it not technically a ‘game,’ but most would agree that it can be more than that.

theBlu allows players to dive deep into the ocean and come face to face with the larger creatures of the depths and the flora that grows around the almost infinite body of water. The title wants to provide a purely immersive and awe-inspiring experience and judging by its reviews it has succeeded.

5. Elite: Dangerous (29,99)

Similar to EVE: Valkyria but with a more open-world approach, Elite: Dangerous is also a space fighting game that takes players through an interstellar war in which they can better themselves through time (and money).

The game’s description states that it currently has the largest play space of all video game history, though this is not entirely accurate. However, it does deliver engaging gameplay and action scenes. Elite: Dangerous costs $29,99 on Steam.