Ransomware, as the name suggests, allows someone to lock you out of your own files or computer and demand a ransom for their return. Ransomware can be dangerous, especially if your workstations are infected with it, as you stand to lose sensitive and important data.

There are three main types of ransomware which can affect your computer’s differently:

File Encryption

This type of ransomware encrypts the data in your files and deletes them from your system. You will find a .txt file in its place that will hold textual instructions on making a ransom payment for the file’s return.


This type of ransomware affects the windows on your screen and by blocking the others and presenting information on the ransom demanded at the forefront.

MBR Hampering

MBR ransomware usually affects the Master Boot Record on your computer by hampering the regular boot process and hindering access to your system altogether. While the system doesn’t boot regularly, you will see a message regarding the ransom demanded on the screen.

How to Protect your Computer from Ransomware


Make sure you have multi-layered security in place. This will make it tough for the perpetrator to enter your systems. Network protection, Reputation reports, Behavioral analysis, File protection and Repair, are some solutions you can resort to, to help keep ransomware out.

Update your softwares regularly including your operating system, your applications, as well as extensions and plug-ins. The most common method of breaching systems is through software vulnerabilities and keeping these up-to-date will help you go a long way.

While you keep your softwares up to date, ensure that you also update your security and protection software regularly. There are thousands of new malware exploits added every day and without an updated security package you remain vulnerable to external threats.

If you don’t already have a security protection software, you should consider investing in one.

There are many software providers that come with robust protection for your systems at affordable prices while others are free. Famed anti-virus developers include; SymantecNortonSophosMcAfee and AVG amongst others.