The perfect complements for the Xbox One X
The perfect complements for the Xbox One X. Image: Microsoft.

The Xbox One X is finally launching on November 7. PC gamers might tell you that a capable rig is nothing without a proper setup to get the most out of the experience, and they’re right. TV, speakers, and accessories, are essential to bring the best out of your console.

Microsoft’s upcoming console will run games natively at 4K resolutions, and many developers will work with the tech giant to issue updates for current games that meet those visual quality standards.

Xbox One X adopters will be able to play current-gen games, as well as titles from the 360 and the original Xbox. There are some things you need to enjoy this console the way it was intended.

Samsung MU6300 4K UHD LED TV / 55 inches – $799.99

Samsung has put out arguably one of the cheapest yet highest-quality 4K TVs in the market with the MU6300. Models range from 40 to 75 inches, but all the way up to 55 inches they are just under $1,000 for all those on a budget.

This option is well within range for players who don’t want to break the bank, and if they want to go even lower, they can get a 40-inch model for the same price as the Xbox One X: $499. The Samsung TV has built-in Wi-Fi, 4K resolutions and HDR support with a 120 Hz refresh rate to deliver a great gaming experience.

Philips CSS5530B Zenit Cinema Speakers – $549.99

Philips CSS5530B Zenit Cinema Speakers
Philips CSS5530B Zenit Cinema Speakers. Image: Phillips.

Not too cheap yet not too expensive, the Zenit Cinema Speakers by Philips offer one key advantage over other surround sound systems: wireless setup. The speakers and subwoofer of the CSS5530B system have no wires, making them truly plug-and-play by just hooking up the sound bar.

Plus, the compact size of the whole setup makes it ideal for both living rooms and smaller bedrooms, while its HDMI port gives players connectivity easiness to pair with the Xbox One X wherever they want. On top of that, the whole thing can be configured through a mobile app and supports smartphone pairing for music.

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit – $24.99

Things are probably not going to change with the Xbox One X’s controllers, so getting the Play and Charge Kit is just as essential as with the original Xbox One and Xbox One S.

If you hate hunting for batteries, then this kit is an absolute must. Just snap the battery pack where the AA set usually goes, and you’re good to go. Recharging it takes only a couple of hours before the next round.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Gaming Headset – $159.99

Communication is a key element to gaming nowadays, and if you don’t want to waste precious time typing away in a clumsy accessory like the Xbox Chatpad or listen to your teammates screaming at you at full volume through your surround sound system, then the Turtle Beach Ear XO Seven headset is for you.

You will pay a hefty premium, but it will be well worth it if you intend to play a lot of co-op games or just want to appreciate the smallest sound details throughout your gaming experience. Different sound modes are available, mic quality is great, and cushions are comfortable on the ears even after hours of use.

Xbox Live Gold Membership (12 months) – $60

Finally, no Xbox gaming experience can be complete without a Live Gold Membership, the service which unlocks online multiplayer, video streaming, entertainment offerings, and more right in your console.

You will also need an Xbox Live Gold Membership if you plan to take advantage of the Backward Compatibility program to play Xbox 360 co-op games, and maybe some other original Xbox titles that are rereleased on the platform with multiplayer mode enabled in the future.