Homefront: The Revolution is a popular shooter game released recently. However, many people have expressed concerns about the freezing of the auto-save feature and issues related to frame rate. Here is our Homefront The Revolution review based on reports we have accumulated from the web.

According to Scott Butterworth, the review title has been posted as Amber waves of pain. The review has classified the players as American resistance fighters who are not only outmanned and outgunned, but resourceful and resilient. Players have also been portrayed as both novel gameplay and daring political themes, which feel clumsy and superficial. However, the homefront game lacks variety.

Story Plot fails

Homefront also makes nothing on the history books when it comes to world building. Moreover, the plot of the story fails on several counts since there is a lack of probable hero and substantial plot development, including that of undeveloped occupying army.

Butterworth states that Homefront never leans on empty exposition. Instead, it actively displays the world and events surrounding the gameplay, which imbues the campaign with an unexpected richness.

Brilliant Gameplay

As per the review posted on PC Gamer, Tyler Wilde states that even though the story is fine, it fails to create any originality with the still-fresh premise of a Red Dawn-style US occupation.

It fails to create any originality

Wilde reveals that to occupy a future safehouse, you have to climb a neighbouring building to get onto the right bit of scaffolding and then scramble over and through a window. Since he was asked to jump a motorcycle onto a rooftop, he was frustrated because of the slippery bike.

Since detection feels inevitable, it’s simpler and easier to shoot or run away than to quietly crouch-walk around“, scribbled Wilde in his review.

He says that every individual frame of Homefront: The Revolution game is watery. Even though the twists are predictable with guns going bland, there is still a flavourful to-do list to work through. Earlier, Butterworth was spotted easily when he was concealed behind a wall.