Hacks That Will Change Your Beauty Routine for the Better

Calling all aspiring beauty influencers! The world of makeup, skincare, and beauty products is booming with possibilities in the 21st century. As online tutorials, subscription boxes, and celebrity makeup kits take over the beauty scene, there are endless choices when it comes to setting your regiment. Whether you’re looking for new additions to your usual stash or want to start new, here are some hacks to change your beauty routine for the better.

Makeup for Lost Time

The average woman spends up to a full hour applying makeup each day. The process from start to finish includes over a dozen products from toner and moisturizer to final setting spray. If you’re looking for ways to get a full face in less time, consider trying more efficient products. Start your regiment with a two-in-one toner and moisturizer to prep, hydrate, and soften your skin. Find a foundation and concealer combination to cut back on time covering individual blemishes. Invest in eye shadow pens that apply in seconds and require minimal blending. When the time comes to apply your lashes, skip the frustrating glue and opt for magnetic eyelashes instead.

Nail Your New Routine

Artificial nails can require too much time, energy, and finances to maintain, leaving unkempt nails in their place. If you’re looking for nail hacks that won’t break the bank or take up half of your day, you’re in luck. Purchase press-on nails that can be applied as a roll-on sticker or applied with glue at home. Proper press-ons last up to two weeks and when applied properly look as good as the professionals. Prefer to paint your own nails but don’t have the time to wait for them to dry? Fill a large bowl with ice water, place your freshly painted manicure in gently, and let the water set your color.

Solutions to Dry Products

Mascara can dry out rather quickly, leaving clumps and separated lashes. While it’s important to change out mascara within three months of purchasing, you can ensure it stays lubricated with this quick hack: When you find your lashes start to clump during the application, simply add a few drops of contact solution. This simple action freshens your mascara while staying safe for eye application. Be careful not to overuse this hack; mascara should still be replaced every few months to avoid eye infections.

Bow Down to Brows

From the string-thin arch of the early 2000s to the latest Lily Collins caterpillar style, eyebrows have become one of the largest trends in beauty. Shaping, defining, sculpting, and filling in brows for a thick, precise look takes work. Need a quick sprucing of your brows and don’t have the time for a wax appointment? Emphasize and define by blending highlighter beneath the arch. To avoid cakey appearance, stay clear of using powdered shadows. Simply apply a line along the base of the arch towards the ends and blend using your ring finger.

TLC with CBD

You’ve probably heard all about CBD products for pain management and anxiety suppression, but did you know it has beauty benefits, too? Some of the best beauty secrets in the last few years are those with CBD in their formula. Cannabidiol, or CBD, contain anti-inflammatory properties, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A, E, and D. If you’re looking to tame facial acne, reduce redness, and ease any aches and pains, add a CBD product to your routine. Not sure which brand is best? Look online for CBD oil reviews for in-depth product analysis from oil quality to third party testing. Take a break from products loaded with chemicals and turn to this powerful, naturally-derived compound.