‘Gravity Rush 2’ launches on January 20, 2017 in the United Kingdom and North America. Image Source: YouTube

On Saturday, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Japan Studio alongside Project Siren revealed new footage of the upcoming ‘Gravity Rush 2’ for the PlayStation 4. The developers showcased new images of a DLC chapter titled ‘Raven’s Choice’ coming to the game for free upon launch.

The news came during the two-hour keynote by key PS4 developers on Saturday, at the 2016 PlayStation Experience. The weekend event was the scenario for 40 new announcements, including upcoming titles and unheard of games.

This year’s PSX brought about the confirmation of ‘Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite,’ a sequel to ‘The Last of Us,’ a standalone chapter for ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,’ and many more surprises. SIE unveiled unseen footage of ‘The Last Guardian’ and ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ at the exhibition.

‘Gravity Rush 2’ will be even bigger than the first game

‘Gravity Rush 2’ will expand the open and versatile world of the franchise to new horizons. Developers have said the map of the match is more than two times larger than the first, and that it features thrice as many missions and quests.

The ‘Gravity Rush’ titles are set in a fictional universe where some people have abilities that allow them to change gravity’s direction at will. Kat and Raven are two of these ‘gravity shifters, ’ and the story of the games focuses on them.

At first, they were enemies but then they turned into allies to face a threat bigger than anything they had ever taken on before. Their story during the first ‘Gravity Rush’ had them pose as powerful rivals, but now fans will get a chance to both pick up where it left off and finally play Raven as a character.

The Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the SIE Japan Studio made Raven playable this time around as per ‘Gravity Rush’ fan requests.

‘Raven’s Choice’ will be a free DLC launching on March

The new DLC chapter ‘The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice’ will follow the title character as she embarks on a quest left on a cliffhanger after the events of the first ‘Gravity Rush.’

Raven will take on the mission to save the children left trapped inside the Ark of Time. The first game of the series ended with the future of these kids left largely unknown, but now players will get the chance to amass Raven’s high power to change things.

If that were not enough, fans of the video game saga would get an accompanying anime series premiering after the launch of ‘Gravity Rush 2.’ The animated show will serve as a bridge between the two titles and it will shed some more light on the past and future of the gravity shifters.

‘Gravity Rush 2’ launches on January 20, 2017, in the United Kingdom and North America. The in-game add-on ‘The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice’ will be free to download for owners of the game two months later in March.

Source: YouTube