The Karma drone's functionality very limited and will require users to pay full attention when flying it in diffult terrain. Image Source: GoPro

Nick Woodman, GoPro’s CEO, has unveiled their newest creation The Karma Drone in a media demonstration. This new product will come in different bundles starting at $799 for the small, simple version, and $1,300 for the full package.

Today was the date of the public demonstration held in California for all interested media of the new Karma Drone. Woodman assured this new product would offer to both users and views a whole new level of video and an affordable price.

So far the full bundle of Karma will come with the quadcopter itself, a touchscreen controller, a stabilizing handle grip and a backpack that will function as the launch pad. The camera attached to the quadcopter can be detached and exchanged for other GoPro products.

The complaints of the testers

The controls are very instinctive as the touch screen functions similarly to a video game, but the drone lacks any auto flight features. No auto follow, nor smart flying features are included in Karma and won’t be in the future.

Also no noise mitigation technology has been incorporated for the Karma which has a messy takeoff process and is easily spotted when flying low. Lastly, the battery has a duration of 18 minutes, which is short when compared to similar products on the market that hold almost 42 minutes of continous flight.

The positive reviews received

On the other hand, all the testers agreed that the controls felt solid, able to perfom complicated maneovers with easy commands. This means that they are a sucess of the company. Reviewrs believe that this will allow users to get the drone where they want instead of having to let the automatic system chose from them.

The price was also one of the main positive features as even the full version of the Karma is half the price of similar products in the market. Its closest competitor, The Phantom 4, has a price tag of $1.400 for just the drone, a huge difference from the $1.300 bundle of the Karmas.

There is no doubt that Karma will be in the spotlight from now until its unreleased launch date. Investors believe that it is the last bet of GoPro as their shares are pummeling in the market and the company has started to lay off some of its employees as a result. Many fans hope for the comeback of GoPro with this new lineup of products.

Source: Mashable