Google is finally releasing an update to the search inside the Inbox app that makes it much easier to find orders, reservations, flights, and other information hidden inside your email. For those who have not used the app, Inbox is an alternative to Gmail.

Now, when you perform the search, the app will try to show you the exact mail rather than a list of the most relevant emails to what you are trying to search for. So, for example, if you are searching for the information regarding an upcoming flight, the app will show you a card that will have all the info regarding the same.

You might think that the new feature is doing nothing more than what Inbox is already offering. This may be partially true, but when you have huge amounts of mail, getting the exact card with the details pertaining to tasks such as your flight, package delivery etc. will be a huge time and effort saver.

Apart from overall ease, the new update appears to have extended the app’s searching spectrum as well. Highlighting the membership numbers along with the phone numbers and addresses doesn’t make much sense, but the ability to pull them out when needed will definitely come in handy. The update will roll-out gradually, but according to Google’s Blog post, the feature will be live immediately.

We particularly found ourselves searching a lot for flight details, package tracking details, car rentals, hotel bookings, upcoming movie timings and also the meetings that we have scheduled for the future and appointments that we have made at other places with the new improved Inbox app. As of now, everything seems to be running smoothly, with little to no complications or issues in the search results or the overall process. This addition is surely a welcome one.