Google’s AIY Projects are back again along with Raspberry Pi

After seeing the vast amount of tech companies investing in AI and machine learning software, Google has announced 2 new DIY kits as an initiative to offer people access to technology. In this case, the name given to these kits is “AIY,” targeted mainly at engineering students and those who may want to experiment and learn about the different solutions and uses that AI can bring.

Google decided that it will launch this all new idea in a first gen kit packed with basic AI tools, including a Raspberry Pi Zero WH Board. Google also communicated that it is foreseen for AI and machine learning to be the base of a new era of technology, and by seeing this future as a rather near one, the company has decided to take matters into their own hands and “help prepare students.”

What is new with Google’s AIY Projects? 

The search tech giant, however, is taking very seriously its role to lead the way in the impartment of tech and machine learning in younger generations. As it has been described by inside workers and officials, there is something called the “AIY project” designed by Google’s very own software engineers.

This project is a sample of Google trying to encourage communities and future responsible people to embrace technology through their STEM programs in schools, and also making their kits and AIY building tools at local and more reachable stores. For example, the new AIY Voice and Vision kit have already been made available at Target stores across the US and also online.

How do the Vision and Voice Kits work?

Google’s AI toys function by allowing builders or just people to take advantage of cool items powered by Google intelligence and putting them to use. For example, the Voice Kit allows users to record their voices followed by the order being obeyed. Finally, the kit will provide the “builder” with the data it has collected while carrying out the command.

The Vision Kit is equipped with something called a joy detector, a tiny box with a light on top that, as it observes the person gets happier, the light will change form blue to yellow. This cute item is capable of acting like this because it’s equipped with a face tracker, which gives information on both the geometry of the face detected and the expressions.

Billy Rutledge director of AIY said. “To make setup easier, both kits have been redesigned to work with the new Raspberry Pi Zero WH, which comes included in the box, along with the USB connector cable and pre-provisioned SD card. Now users no longer need to download the software image and can get running faster. The updated AIY Vision Kit v1.1 also includes the Raspberry Pi Camera v2.”

Source: Google