Google-Election Day-2016.
Google will live track the US Election Day 2016 Polls. Image credit: TheUSBPort.

Google announced its search engine would add real-time tracking of Election Day results for people who make election-related queries. The idea is to keep the people informed about the polls and encourage others to cast their votes.

Google Search will start showing the statistical outcomes of the presidential election right after the polls close tomorrow, November 8. The service will also display results for Senatorial, Congressional, and Gubernatorial races on demand.

A week ago, Facebook launched a feature called ‘Vote Planner.’ The app lies within the social media platform and teaches people how to vote.

You can also watch the US elections on Youtube 

In the article, Google claims the company has been adding different functions to the search engine to encourage people to vote. The company said there was an increase of the “how to vote” search query in comparison with the electoral process in 2012.

As a curious fact, Google said the most popular query was “where to vote” with high peaks in swing states, also known as battleground states. The list includes Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida.

Historically, a “battleground state” is a place where the community is almost evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Therefore, any candidate could receive the majority of votes.

Starting at 7 p.m., news organizations like MTV, PBS, NBC, Telemundo, and Bloomberg will start live-streaming a full coverage of the electoral process 2016 on YouTube. Also, Complex News will host a live special election event from YouTube Space NY.

How to track the Presidential elections on Google

In a similar fashion to what the company did during the Olimpic Games Rio 2016, a query that contains keywords like “2016 election results” will take the user to a land page where he or she can check for relevant information about the electoral process.

The search results will contain three or four tabs to categorize stats from various races, not just the Presidential.

A series of graphs that look similar to loading bars will indicate the number of seats or electoral votes needed for each candidate to reach a majority or to win the election. Voting hours for Election Day start tomorrow at 7 a.m. nationwide and end at 7 p.m.

Source: Google