There have been multiple reports the last few months that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has acquired a game streaming service named Agawi. The particular company has gone off the web since 2013 by shutting down its website and remaining inactive in its social media profiles, and that is when rumors started showing up. In addition to that, three executive members of the company, that now work for Google, did not mention in their LinkedIn profiles any association with the Internet’s most popular page.

After a recent article referring to the alleged investment by The Information, the search engine giant confirmed to Tech Crunch a few hours back the acquisition of Agawi, without adding further information regarding the topic.

Google’s exact statement was:

“The Agawi team has joined Google. We aren’t sharing other details.”

Agawi, which stands for ‘any game, anywhere, instantly’, allows you to get to preview an application before actually deciding to install it to your device. Hence, it is obvious that Google is planning to integrate the service with some sort of way to its app market Play Store. The tool could be implemented in applications’ in-ads or on the apps’ Play Store listing. The specific feature has quite potential if it is applied properly and is pretty useful especially for users planning to purchase an application. Overall, it’s good to know where you are laying your money on.


Moreover, Google could push the envelope further and develop Agawi to the degree that can replace third-party clients thus dominating the mobile-app space.

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