Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has officially announced that Chrome, its browser, will start pausing auto-play Flash ads from this September. The change had first been implemented in June when Google released its latest beta and wanted to practically improve the user’s experience.

This move will help get rid of the much hated software. However the company does not want to get too far and is going to let untouched some Flash videos that the users my want to watch.

The company also clarified that most Flash ads that go up to the AdWords platform are being automatically converted to HTML5. So that’s why in case that a different platform is being used, your stuff has to be converted to HTML 5 again in order to remain active on Google Chrome.

From what we know so far, Google decided to make that move, taking under consideration that Flash material makes its browser noticeably slower and it has negative consequences on the performance and the autonomy of the device that uses Google Chrome.

But while users get to have a more smooth and uninterrupted experience, there is also a downside. What happens to all those advertisers that will suddenly see their ads getting paused? Google has the answer to that as well. The company will provide the advertisers with tools that can be used to convert their ads to HTML5 so they can still play. It is offering three ways in which the ads can be translated- enable AdWords to automatically translate the Flash ads, create new HTML5 ads with the tools, or upload a new HTML5 ad from a third-party server.

It is true that Google receives a massive amount of income annually from Flash ads. But the company’s move is part of a greater effort to get rid of malicious and slow technology.