Google Play

US – Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is officially rolling out a program allowing app developers who are already running Search app install campaigns on Adwords to advertise and promote their apps through Search Ads in Google Play Store. Also, Google has provided a new conversion tracking tool that tracks and measures when a user first opens an app after clicking on the Search Ad and completing the Android app install.

Google will soon launch a Universal Ad Campaign that will allow developers to promote their apps across all Google properties along with Play Store. In this way, Google is planning to generate huge revenue!

Google Search Ads: a great way to make revenue for Google

Earlier in February 2014, Google launched a program and described that as a ‘pilot’ that included a limited number of advertisers and developers. The program allowed the app developers to promote their apps for the first time in Play Store. Before that, the app developers were not able to promote their apps through Google Search Ads in Play Store. and Nordeous are the two companies which were already promoting their apps through Google Search Ads. Now, they are extending their app promotion strategy. With this promotional strategy, the companies have realized that there was a significant increase in the number of installs from the Search by high-quality users.

Making the Google Search Ads business as a strong part of its Monetization Strategy, Google has achieved a huge success on Web and generated roaring results and revenues in the past. By going to the same line and allowing developers to run advertising campaigns in Play Store to over a billion people in more than 190 countries; Google is now planning to generate a handsome amount of revenues.

Google Search Ads has become one of the most crucial factors for the users in today’s technological world to find apps matching their interests. Unlike Apple, Google cleverly targeted this crucial factor in generating revenue by providing the facilities of advertising and promotion to the developers. Developers will be able to target Play Store, the Admob in-app network, YouTube and over 2 million sites on the Google display network all at once.